DOK Leipzig nominiates 'Train to Adulthood'

DOK Leipzig nominiates 'Train to Adulthood' The nominees have been announced!

The nominees have been announced!


This year, DOK Leipzig puts the Hungarian film ‘Train to Adulthood’ (Reményvasút) by Klára Trencsényi in the running of the Doc Alliance Selection Awards.


In 2015, the film celebrated its World Premiere with us, and was awarded with the Golden Dove (Next Masters Competition) by filmmaker John Smith. His jury statement: "To an acutely observed documentary which sets an anachronistic utopian project against the harsh realities of life faced by two families in present day Hungary. The Next Masters Award goes to the beautifully photographed and edited film 'Train to Adulthood' by Klára Trencsényi."


Since 2008, Doc Alliance brings together seven European documentary film festivals. Along with DOK Leipzig, the Doc Alliance includes the festivals CPH:DOX, Docs Against Gravity FF, Doclisboa, FID MarseilleJihlava IDFF and Visions du Réel. The Doc Alliance aims to bring European documentary film festivals closer together, supporting high-quality documentary film projects.


The DAS Award plays an important role in achieving this aim: it is worth 5,000 Euros and should help the winner realise new film projects.


On the 7th of August, 2016 the winner of the Doc Alliance Selection Award will be announced at an official opening ceremony at the Locarno IFF – in the presence of all directors of the Doc Alliance festivals.


More information on the nominees here:

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DOK Leipzig nominiert 'Train to Adulthood'

DOK Leipzig nominiert 'Train to Adulthood' Die Nominierten für den Doc Alliance Selection Award stehen fest!
Die Nominierten für den Doc Alliance Selection Award stehen fest!
In diesem Jahr schickt DOK Leipzig den ungarischen Film 'Train to Adulthood' (Reményvasút) von Klára Trencsényi ins Rennen. 2015 feierte der Film bei uns seine Weltpremiere und gewann im Next Masters Wettbewerb die Goldene Taube. Der britische Filmregisseur John Smith zeichnete den Film mit folgender Begründung aus: „Für einen aufmerksam beobachtenden Dokumentarfilm, der ein anachronistisches, utopisches Projekt der harschen Realität des Lebens gegenüberstellt, der sich zwei Familien im heutigen Ungarn ausgesetzt sehen. Der Next Masters Award geht an den wunderbar aufgenommenen und bearbeiteten Film 'Train to Adulthood' von Klára Trencsényi.“
Seit 2008 vereint die Doc Alliance sieben europäische Dokumentarfilmfestivals. Neben DOK Leipzig gehören zur Doc Alliance die Festivals CPH:DOX, Docs Against Gravity FF, Doclisboa, FID Marseille, Jihlava IDFF und Visions du Réel. Die Doc Alliance hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, europäische Dokumentarfilmfestivals enger zusammenzuführen und qualitativ hochwertige Dokumentarfilmprojekte zu unterstützen.
Der DAS Award ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil dieses Vorhabens, er ist mit 5000 Euro dotiert und soll dem Award-Gewinner zur Realisierung neuer Filmprojekte dienen.
Am 7. August 2016 wird der Doc Alliance Selection Award während des Internationalen Filmfestivals von Locarno, in Anwesenheit aller Festivalleiterinnen und -leiter der Doc Alliance, vergeben.
Mehr Informationen zu den Nominierten:
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DOK Leipzig at the

©Bachfest Leipzig / Photo: Gert Mothes ©Bachfest Leipzig / Photo: Gert Mothes

The Bachfest Leipzig is set to begin on 10th June and this year's theme is "Secrets of Harmony". For the second time we will be presenting a real cinematic gem from the DOK Leipzig back catalogue during the BACHmosphäre (10th – 12th June), a film that impresses not only with its powerful images but also with its remarkable use of music. "Vivan Las Antipodas" by Victor Kossakovsky delighted Leipzig audiences back in 2011 and will now be presented on the big screen in an open-air showing on 11th June at 3pm. 

In this visually stunning documentary film, Victor Kossakovsky tackles the question of what would happen if one were to dig one's way through the centre of the earth to come out on the other side. To that end Kossakovsky explored four pairs of geographically opposed dry-land locations: in Argentina and China, Russia and Chile, the USA and Botswana, as well as Spain and New Zealand.


The Bachfest Leipzig runs from 10th to 19th June 2016.


Vivan Las Antipodas
Where: Leipzig Market Square
When: 11 June 2016, 3pm
Free entry

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DOK Leipzig auf der

©Bachfest Leipzig / Foto: Gert Mothes ©Bachfest Leipzig / Foto: Gert Mothes

Unter dem Motto „Geheimnisse der Harmonie“ beginnt am 10. Juni  das Bachfest Leipzig. Zum zweiten Mal präsentieren wir im Rahmen der BACHmosphäre (10.–12. Juni) eine Filmperle aus dem DOK Leipzig Programm, die neben ihren starken Bildern durch einen bemerkenswerten Einsatz von Musik überzeugt.  „Vivan Las Antipodas“ von Victor Kossakovsky begeisterte schon 2011 das Leipziger Publikum und wird nun am 11. Juni um 15:00 Uhr in einer Open-Air-Vorführung auf der großen Leinwand gezeigt.


Victor Kossakovsky beschäftigt sich in seinem bildgewaltigen Dokumentarfilm mit der Frage, was wäre, wenn man sich einmal quer durch die Erde graben würde und am anderen Ende wieder herauskäme. Kossakovsky hat dafür vier auf dem Festland liegende Antipoden-Paare erkundet: Orte in Argentinien, und China, Russland und Chile, den USA und Botswana sowie Spanien und Neuseeland.



Das Bachfest findet vom 10.–19. Juni 2016 statt.


Vivan Las Antipodas
Ort: Leipziger Marktplatz
Zeit: 11. Juni 2016, 15 Uhr
Eintritt frei

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Gitta Nickel!

Gitta Nickel und Nico Pawloff / Foto: privat Gitta Nickel und Nico Pawloff / Foto: privat

DOK Leipzig congratulates filmmaker Gitta Nickel on the occasion of her 80th birthday. Not only is she a permanent fixture at the festival with her outstanding work, but the documentary film director has also been awarded a total of seven Golden and Silver Doves. That makes Gitta Nickel, alongside Walter Heynowski, the festival's most honoured filmmaker. Moreover, the East Prussia-born director is one of the few women who managed to break out as a filmmaker in the GDR.

In 2011 DOK Leipzig honoured Gitta Nickel with a tribute to her work. To date she has made some 70 film and television productions. Her preferred subjects are working life, German history, global political events and artist biographies – her protagonists are often female.


Our Head of Film Programme Grit Lemke says of Gitta Nickel's work: "These are works that do not shy away from addressing taboo subjects. Her style is characterised by proximity to the female protagonists, by keen and insistent observation, often virtuoso montage and above all by the fact that the people being filmed always have their own say; any commentary is dispensed with. The latter in particular is one of the most important features of the DEFA School of Documentary Film – and Nickel was one of the first to work consistently in this way."

The Filmmuseum Potsdam will show her film "Den Wind auf der Haut spüren" with the director in attendance on 02 July at 7pm. In addition the film museum will be exhibiting Gitta Nickel's Golden and Silver Doves, which the director received between 1970 and 1981 in Leipzig.


For further programme information visit the website of Filmmuseum Potsdam.