It's Politics, Stupid!


William Jefferson Wilderness

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William Jefferson Wilderness
Ben Young
International Competition Short Film
Aesthetically inspired by the fragmenting of the 1990s, Young (de-)constructs the image of a controversial political figure who is about to enter history for good.

“Hello,” We Lied

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“Hello,” We Lied
Laura Gamse
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film
Fake news have entered the mainstream, thanks in part to “fake news king” Jestin Coler. A film that tackles journalism, memes, truth and lies in the U.S.

Operation Moonbird

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Operation Moonbird
Dustin Lose
German Competition Short Film
A gloomy filmic contribution to sea rescue and a concentrated revelation of the mechanisms of systematic flight prevention in the Mediterranean and the people responsible for it.

Ain’t No Time for Women

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Y’a pas d’heure pour les femmes
Sarra El Abed
International Competition Short Film
A Tunisian ladies’ hairdressing salon becomes an arena for political debate during the presidential election campaign. Sharp blades and sharp remarks – wonderful!

The End of Kings

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La fin des rois
Rémi Brachet
International Competition Short Film
A school class in the Banlieue rehearsing a play discover the subversive power of appropriation. The end of kings is the beginning of a new story.