DOK Leipzig 29. Oktober – 4. November 2018
61. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 29 October – 4 November 2018
61st International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Akkreditierung für DOK Leipzig

Accreditation DOK Leipzig 2018

Accreditation DOK Leipzig 2018

Accreditation period


1 July – 21 October 2018


from 1 July: Early Bird Accreditation

1 August – 21 October 2018: regular Accreditation



Johannes Pelka


+49(0)341 30864-­1030

Early Bird Accreditation

what does Early Bird mean?


Preceding our regular accreditation process you have the opportunity to apply for a reduced Festival accreditation. With a discount of 30% this comes down to 90 € per accreditation. There is a limited amount of early bird accreditations available that you can purchase until 31 July 2018.


Please be advised that early bird accreditations have to be paid until 15 August 2018. Each early bird accreditation is equivalent to a regular “Accreditation Festival and DOK Industry Programme” for 130 €.


The regular accreditation process (press accreditations, group accreditations etc.) will begin on 1 August 2018.


Accreditation Process

how to get accredited?


To apply for an accreditation you first need to register with our online platform MYDOK (if you don’t already have an existing account). Once registered, click on ACCREDITATIONS to fill in the accreditation registration form.


Please have the following documents ready:

  • digital passport photo (140px x 110px; tiff or jpg)
    (You will be unable to submit your registration form without a photo)
  • Filmmakers need to upload a filmography


We will process your application as soon as possible once your completed is submitted and check that a payment has been made for the accreditation fee. You can accreditation status by logging into MYDOK. As soon as we have confirmed your accreditation, you will be able to see it in MYDOK. However, as we have to deal with a high number of applications it could take a while until we are able to process your request. Please be patient with us. Thank you.


We will still process accreditation requests after October 21, with an additional processing fee of 20 €. However, we cannot guarantee your accreditation badge will be ready before the beginning of the festival.



How much do i have to pay for my accreditation?



Accreditation Festival and

DOK Industry Programme



130,00 €


Accreditation Festival and DOK

Industry Programme + DOK Film Market video library access



180,00 €



*For a single accreditation only one discount can be used.



Discount AG DOK, EDN, EWA or MFFV Member (without access to the DOK Film Market)



20 %


Festival Accreditation for student groups (without access to the DOK Film Market)

  • price per person
  • 10 people minimum
  • subject of studies must be film or related to film

*Please read the special rules for student groups apply (further down)



70,00 €







Festival Accreditation for single students (without access to the DOK Film Market video library)

  • subject of studies must be film or related to film
  • students need to provide proof of enrolment

*Please send us an additional email after your registration process



90,00 €







Press Accreditation Festival

*Please read the special rules for press apply (further down)








Accreditation for single day
(Festival only, without access to the DOK Film Market)

  • Important: can only be acquired once during the festival for one weekday (not 24 hours), from 2nd day on a full accreditation is required
  • no access to the MYDOK area with extended service and information on all accredited professionals
  • only possible on site
    (please calculate waiting time for processing)


35,00 €











Additional charge for late submission or for accreditation on site in Leipzig (excluding single day accreditation)


20,00 €


What does the DOK Leipzig Accreditation include?


Your accreditation entitles you to visit all DOK Leipzig Festival film screenings (free single tickets have to be acquired for each screening) and events as well as the majority of the DOK Industry Programme*. Furthermore, each accreditation includes a copy of the DOK Leipzig Festival catalogue and gives access to the Industry Guide published in the MYDOK area (both not included in the Single Day Accreditation).


Your festival accreditation gives you access to the receptions and parties of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of DOK Leipzig. To attend the Opening Ceremony, you must either have an invitation or pick up a ticket from the festival box offices. For the closing Ceremony, the ceremony is invitation only.


For access to the DOK Film Market video library a Festival plus DOK Film Market Accreditation is required. (Access to the digital video library during the festival and online via homepage for a period of 6 months beginning after the festival).


The Festival plus DOK Film Market Accreditation is only available to professionals who distribute or circulate documentary and animation films internationally. Each request for this festival accreditation will be vetted and assigned at the discretion of DOK Industry staff.


*with the exception of: DOK Co-Pro Market and DOK Exchange


Festival Badge

Where to collect my Festival Badge?


Please visit the DOK Leipzig Guest Desk in our Festival Centre, located in Museum der bildenden Kuenste Leipzig (Katharinenstraße 10). The Guest Desk is open during the festival from Monday October 29 to Saturday November 3 between 9 am and 8 pm and on Sunday November 4 between 9 am and 2 pm.



How can the accreditation fee be paid?


Log into the MYDOK platform and click on PAYMENT. 

The early bird discount accreditation fee must be paid by August 15, 2018.

Regular priced accreditations must be paid by October 21, 2018.




You will be redirected to SOFORT Überweisung (not possible in all countries)



You will be redirected to Paypal. A Paypal account is required

 Fairbill (Credit Card)


You will be redirected to Fairbill

viable: Mastercard, Visa and American Express

 Bank transfer 


Account Holder:

Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH
account number: 1090067611
IBAN: DE74 8605 5592 1090 0676 11

Please mention "accreditation 2018" and your full name as purpose of payment


It is also possible to pay the fee after 21 October on site. Please note, however, that we can only accept payments in cash in the Festival Centre (Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig). Additional fee: 20 €.


Special Rules

Special rules for student groups apply

Please note: student groups don't need to register in MYDOK.


Every group (consisting of a minimum of 10 students) needs to have a coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for registering the group via email to arrange accreditation for the whole group (deadline 20 October 2017). This email must consist of a list of each participating student, address, email contact and a passport photo (140px x 110px; tiff or jpg). 


A template list can be gladly sent when requested by email.


The accreditation fees must be paid via bank transfer by 21 October 2018 (for the bank details please check the payment section above). As purpose on payment please mention "accreditation 2018 / name of your institution / number of people (uni staff / students)" as well as a name of a contact person.


For students in student groups we can offer a reduced accreditation fee of 70 € (DOK Film Market not included). Teachers / university staff must pay the regular price.

Special rules for press apply

Journalists covering the festival as reporting press for established media will be granted a complimentary accreditation for DOK Leipzig 2017. The festival reserves the right to vet (including request proof of journalistic reporting) and assigns free press accreditations at the discretion of DOK Leipzig staff. DOK Leipzig reserves the right to proof the journalistic work and to possibly refuse the complimentary accreditation under certain circumstances.


All journalists may apply for a regular festival accreditation charged with the same fee of 130 € as professional visitors.


The press accreditation registration period starts on 1 August and ends on 21 October 2018. For press inquiries, please contact our Press Office.


On-site accreditation



Yes, accreditations are available on site during the festival.


The Guest Desk is open during the festival from Monday October 29 to Saturday November 3 between 9 am and 8 pm and on Sunday November 4 between 9 am and 2 pm.


Please be advised:

It can take some time to process your accreditation on site. Additionally we charge a late-fee for on site accreditations of 20 € (except for single-day accreditations). Cash only, thank you for your cooperation.