62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Do you want to watch documentaries and animation year-round, without having to wait for the next festival edition coming up? Check out the links below! DOK Leipzig regularly partners with online platforms to share our curation with the whole world, and we want to share it also with you. Some content is free, others you have to pay for, but each time you stream or download, revenues flow back to the pockets of the filmmakers.


Happy exploring!

Doc Alliance Online Channel

Doc Alliance project is the result of a long-term creative partnership of 7 key European film festivals developed since 2006. The international alliance includes CPH:DOX Copenhagen, DOK Leipzig, FID Marseille, Doclisboa, Jihlava IDFF, Docs Against Gravity FF and Visions du Réel Nyon. The aim of the initiative is to advance the documentary genre, support its diversity and continuously promote quality creative documentary films.

With joint forces the Doc Alliance festivals created Doc Alliance Films, a VOD platform to make you discover many outstanding documentary and experimental films.


Give it a try!
Now online: RUTH BECKERMANN: THE SEARCH FOR PERSONAL, COLLECTIVE AND POLITICAL IDENTITY is a curated programme about the cinema of austrian filmmaker Ruth Beckermann who was honored with a homage last year at DOK Leipzig. Discover all the films here


DOK Leipzig continues its partnership with MUBI to give you the chance to discover four additional films linked to the discussions of the symposium “Who Owns the Truth?”.

The MUBI Special will start on 2 December and will feature the following films:
Impreza by Alexandra Wesolowski, Meuthen’s Party by Marc Eberhardt, Putin's Witnesses by Vitaly Mansky and The Moscow Trials by Milo Rau.
As a special gift new subscribers get a free trial period of 30 day through the MUBI x DOK Leipzig partner page:




On the occasion of the 62nd DOK Leipzig the French subscription-based video on demand platform for creative documentaries Tënk is showing Thomas Heise's Why Make a Film About People Like Them? and Eastern Landscape by Eduard Schreiber from this year's Re-Visions programme as well as last year's audience favourite Chez Jolie Coiffure by Rosine Mbakam.


The films will be available from 1 November in Belgium, France, Luxemburg and Switzerland. Check out the programme in cooperation with DOK Leipzig here.

Stay tuned: Soon Tënk will bring their highly curated programme of handpicked independent documentary cinema to the whole EU.

Realnoye Kino

Realnoye Kino is an online platform by Current Time TV for everything you need to know about the world of documentaries. At you will find news from the industry world, interviews with the directors, films in catch-up format and online theater, where you can stream the films with specific schedule. These are the films that that provoke discussion within the countries of their production, receive the awards of most important film festivals, films of the directors with very special cinematic language that film industry professionals love. Realnoye Kino emerged in April 2017 as an attempt to distinguish real films ‘d’auteur’ from more TV-oriented productions and is aiming to speak about the reality through a very precise artistic lens.


For this year’s Edition of DOK Leipzig, Current Time TV – Realnoye Kino featured five artistically extra-ordinary festival titles that have been aired during the festival week:


No Obvious Signs by Alina Gorlova (DOK Leipzig 2018, MDR Film Prize)


Love Is Potatoes by Aliona van der Horst (DOK Leipzig 2017 International Competition, Interreligious Jury Award)


Furusato by Thorsten Trimpop (DOK Leipzig 2016, Golden Dove German Competition)


When the Earth seems to be light by Tamuna Karumidze, Salome Machaidze, David Meskhi (DOK Leipzig 2017 / Country Focus Georgia)


Granny Project by Bálint Révész (DOK Leipzig 2017 Next Masters Competition, MDR Film Prize)


Discover films here:


GuideDoc is a subscription-based VoD platform for documentary lovers offering a handpicked selection of some of the best documentaries presented at the finest international film festivals.

It comes with a handy option to filter and show all films previously selected at DOK Leipzig currently available. We recommend checking back regularly as new films will be constantly added.


As a special gift DOK Leipzig visitors get one month for free by using the promotional code “DOKLEIPZIG2019”.


Realeyz – Indie Film Network

Realeyz is one of the leading SVoD services for rare discoveries in independent cinema beyond the mainstream giving access to a wide range of films of young talents as well as established filmmakers across all genres.

Many animated shorts and documentaries presented and awarded at past editions of DOK Leipzig can be found here. Try it out!