62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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General Terms and Conditions DOK Leipzig

For the attendance of events during the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films.


1. Scope

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relationship between DOK Leipzig and the visitors of events of all sections organized and presented by Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH, Katharinenstraße 17, D-04109 Leipzig (referred to hereinafter as “DOK Leipzig”) during the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.


The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the contract that is concluded by purchasing or obtaining tickets to any such event.



Managing and Artistic Director

Leena Pasanen

+49 341 308 64 0

2. Programmes and starting times, changes to the programme

The valid programmes with the starting times can be found in the official publications of DOK Leipzig. Programmes are subject to alterations. The times stated cannot be guaranteed.

3. Sale of tickets



Admission to a cinema show is only allowed with a valid ticket. There are no tickets for reserved seats. Seats in any performance can only be guaranteed, if they have been taken shortly before the commencement of the event. DOK Leipzig reserves the right to re-assign seats that are vacant at the beginning of the performance via the “Last Minute Sale”. Tickets can be purchased in advance for the entire festival. Accredited guests can obtain tickets only for the current and the next day.


Tickets for all DOK Leipzig events can be purchased at all festival box offices as well as online at The ticket prices for the various DOK Leipzig events vary, as fixed and published by DOK Leipzig.


DOK Leipzig reserves the right to exclude some events from the online purchase and, in individual cases for valid reasons, to limit the number of tickets sold per purchaser.


The tickets are exclusively meant for personal use. It is especially forbidden to the ticket purchaser to

  • offer the ticket for sale at auctions (especially in the internet);
  • sell the tickets on a commercial basis without having obtained the prior written approval from DOK Leipzig;
  • re-sell the tickets at a higher price on a private basis;
  • use or pass on the tickets for advertising purposes or as a prize without having obtained the prior written approval from DOK Leipzig.


When permissibly disposing tickets in whatever way, the previous ticket holder shall advise the new one of the validity of these General Terms and Conditions. If a ticket is offered, used or passed on in an inadmissible way, DOK Leipzig shall be entitled to block this ticket, and any other tickets acquired by the customer, and to refuse the ticket holder(s) concerned entry to the performance without compensation. DOK Leipzig shall be entitled to demand the payment of a reasonable contractual penalty of up to € 2,500 for any violation of the ban on distributing festival tickets on a commercial basis.



Tickets for all events are available from all DOK Box Offices, irrespective of the venue. Cash only.


DOK Box Offices are at the following venues:

Festival Centre (Museum der bildenden Künste/Museum of Fine Arts), CineStar Leipzig, Passage Kinos, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Cinémathèque at naTo, Grassimuseum



Special Passes (Season Pass, Season Pass reduced and Special Four) are only available from the DOK Box Offices. These special tickets shall not be valid for the special events marked as such in the festival programme.


Special ticket holders are required to pick up a „free ticket“(0 € Ticket) at the Box Office for the relevant screening before it starts. These “free tickets” are in part only valid with the corresponding discount proof (Student Pass: Valid Student card / reduced Season Pass: Valid discount proof).


„DOK complimentary tickets” shall also be exchanged at the DOK Box Offices for a “free ticket“(0 € ticket) for the relevant performance and do not require any further identification.


Accredited persons are also required to pick up a “free ticket” at the DOK Box Offices for the relevant screening. The “free ticket“(0 € ticket) shall only be valid together with the accreditation. Accredited persons can obtain “free tickets” for the day of the performance concerned or for the following day from all “DOK box offices” (a maximum of five tickets per day, no parallel screenings).


The warranty for getting a „free ticket“ with the accreditation at the box office is only valid as long as tickets are available. The accreditation does not count as a reservation. With an accreditation, there is no free access possible for the following special events indicated as such in the programme booklet “Animation Night Extended“ and “Ecstatic Truths. A Conversation with Werner Herzog“.


Season Ticket

The purchase of a Season Ticket grants the purchaser attendance of up to 30 performances. Individual tickets for screenings must be reserved (at no additional cost) at ticket booths, with presentation of the season ticket. These individual tickets allow entry to each screening. A maximum of 5 tickets can be purchased for each day. Tickets for simultaneous screenings cannot be purchased. Only one ticket can be issued for each event. Availability of tickets is not guaranteed – for example, the event may already be sold out. Changing of individual tickets is possible until the event begins. Reimbursement is not available for individual tickets.


Season Ticket (reduced)

Please see the guidelines for the Season Ticket described above. A valid proof of concession must be presented when purchasing individual tickets, as well as entering each screening.


Special Four Ticket

The Special Four Ticket is an offer, which entitles the ticket-holder to reserve up to four tickets free of additional charge. Those individual tickets are required to attend the screenings. Tickets for simultaneous screenings can be purchased with this ticket, as can multiple tickets for the same screening. Availability of tickets is not guaranteed – for example, the event may already be sold out. Changing of individual tickets is possible until the event begins. Reimbursement is not available for individual tickets.



Reductions shall be granted to the persons entitled to such concessions on producing the relevant evidence to the DOK Box Offices. This proof of entitlement shall again be produced at the entry to the venue without being specifically requested to do so. If such proof of entitlement cannot be furnished, the difference to the full admission charge shall become due.


Entitled to concessions shall be persons over 65 years, Leipzig Pass holder, students, trainees, members of the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD), refugees as well as unemployed and disabled persons on producing the relevant proof. Reductions are only valid for full-price tickets of 8.50 €. Discounted tickets and tickets for special events cannot be reduced.



Only full price tickets can be purchased online. Any fees charged for the ticket sale via the Internet (online sale) will be shown separately during the booking procedure.


If tickets ordered are not paid for within the period stipulated during the booking procedure, they shall be released for resale.


The customer can select a maximum number of five cinema tickets for the desired screenings and collect them in the so called “shopping basket” by pressing the “Buy” button. When pressing the “Buy” button, the customer places a binding order for the purchase of the selected goods (tickets). Before confirming the purchase order, the customer can view the tickets at any time and modify them by pressing the “Delete” (“X”) button. The “Shopping Basket” can be accessed by clicking the “Checkout” Button. The customer can completely terminate the ordering process by Logout. The customer’s purchase application can only be transmitted, if the box next to “I accept the General Terms and Conditions of DOK Leipzig.” is checked, so that these General Terms and Conditions (AGB) become an integral part of the contract. These General Terms and Conditions are published on DOK Leipzig’s website. The desired payment method is then selected by clicking on the box “Checkout with…” (SOFORT Überweisung / PayPal / Fairbill). A text box then explains the further procedure.


After payment has been received, the customer will receive an email with an attached “e-ticket.pdf” to print out by himself. A pdf-reader is necessary for printing out the ticket(s) and is linked for downloading on DOK Leipzig’s Website and in the sent email. This “e-ticket.pdf” has to be presented at the entrance to the venue in its printed-out version. No admittance to the event can be granted without the ticket printout.



If a ticket has not been made use of (has not been scanned) with the beginning of each screening, the acquired ticket becomes invalid. DOK Leipzig reserves its right to reallocate non-taken seats with the beginning of the screening in the so-called “Last Minute Sale”. First Come, First Served.


Please inform about the procedures at the cinema halls or online beforehand as they may differ from site to site. You can find all information online at the tab „Ticket Info“ on our Filmfinder:

4. Return of tickets

Once sold, tickets can basically not be returned. Should an event be cancelled, the tickets will be refunded at the DOK Box Offices, but only during the duration of the festival.

5. Loss of tickets

If a visitor has lost his/her ticket, the box office may issue a substitute ticket, if he/she can credibly prove which ticket he/she has purchased. The holder of the original ticket will be given priority over the holder of the substitute ticket.

6. Admission

The right to attend a certain screening shall be proved by producing a valid ticket for the cinema concerned. Cinemas may not be entered without a valid ticket. DOK Leipzig shall be under no obligation to check, whether a holder of the ticket has acquired the ticket lawfully. However, DOK Leipzig reserves the right to check the right of access at any time and, in the event of the access not being authorized, to refuse admission to the auditorium or to expel the visitor from the screening. The visitor should therefore retain the ticket until the end of the screening.


It is not permitted to take weapons, cameras, digital cameras, video, DVD and similar audio-visual recording equipment into the auditoriums. Visitors to the cinemas are required to hand in such equipment at the Box Office before entering the auditorium and to pick up the equipment deposited there after leaving the auditorium. Equipment not claimed within three days after the performance shall be handed over to the Lost Property Office of the City of Leipzig.


Food and/or drinks acquired at the cinema buffet can only be taken into the auditorium if permitted so by the cinema operator. It is not permitted to take any food and/or drinks brought from outside into the auditorium.


The cinema personnel as well as the personnel of DOK Leipzig shall be entitled for safety reasons to request the cinema visitors to disclose the content of their bags and garments. If a visitor refuses his/her right to access the auditorium and claim to a refund of the admission charge shall be lost.


For safety reasons and with due regard to the other visitors, late-comers can only be allowed access to the auditorium after the beginning of a performance at a suitable point in time. It shall be up to the cinema personnel to decide, whether and at what point in time access to the auditorium can be granted after the begin of the performance.


7. Domiciliary rights

Visitors can be refused access to the festival’s venues, if there is reason to believe that they will disturb the performance or harass other visitors.


It is not permitted to offer tickets for sale, neither in the Box Office foyers nor on the ground of the festival venues.


Mobile phones and watches with an acoustic time signal must be switched off during the performance.


Smoking is not allowed in the venues of DOK Leipzig, nor must persons sit at the steps of the auditorium. The access to the cinemas’ projection rooms is not permitted. The instructions of the personnel in the venues must be followed.

8. Behaviour in the auditorium

Members of the audience can be expelled from the screening without a refund of the admission charge and after being duly warned by the cinema personnel, if they


  • disturb or harass other visitors of the cinema before or during the screening acoustically or by their behaviour;
  • smoke in the auditorium;
  • drop food scraps or soil the auditorium in any other way;
  • take weapons or any other forbidden objects into the auditorium, irrespective whether they actually use them or not;
  • take food and/or drinks into the auditorium without the permission of the cinema personnel;
  • sit on the steps of the auditorium without the permission of the cinema personnel.


The auditorium must be left through the exits marked as such after the end of the performance. It is not admissible to stay inside the auditorium after the end of a screening.

9. Youth protection

Children and young persons must only be allowed the attendance of screenings which are suitable for their age according to the Youth Protection Act. Extracts of the currently valid Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) are displayed in the Box Office foyers. In cases of doubt about the age of minors attending the festival, DOK Leipzig shall be entitled to check on the age of such guests. Persons not able or willing to prove their age (by producing a passport, identity card, student card etc.) shall be refused admission.

10. Rental of Smartphones

DOK Leipzig will provide mobile phones for those who want to read German subtitles or subtitles for deaf and hard-of-hearing people via an app at selected screenings. This device will be made available in return for the identity card or the driving licence and a signed leasing contract. In the case of loss, the leaser shall be liable up to the unit’s current replacement value.

11. Lost property

Lost property of any kind found in the venues of DOK Leipzig shall be handed over to the venue’s personnel. Lost property will then be treated in accordance with the provisions of Articles §§ 978 ff. of the [German] Civil Code (BGB).

12. Audio and video recordings

It is basically not allowed that visitors make any audio and/or video recordings from the screenings. Infringements can be prosecuted under the civil and criminal law, while visitors violating this rule will be expelled from the festival venues.


Should audio or video recordings are made by authorized persons during a public screening, the visitors have implied their approval by attending this performance that their presence may be recorded in sound and images and that these recordings can be broadcast or published without any claim to a remuneration.

13. Data protection

The personal data of persons buying tickets will be automatically recorded, processed and used in compliance with the data protection law to such an extent as is necessary for performing the contract. Following that, DOK Leipzig shall be entitled to store the customers’ data for the purpose of internal statistic processes.


DOK Leipzig shall be entitled to pass on these data to natural or legal entities that have been commissioned by DOK Leipzig to sell and distribute the tickets. These data will be treated strictly confidentially and used only to the extent and for the purpose detailed above.


For further details see the data protection declaration of Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH:

14. Separability

Should any individual provision of these General Terms and Conditions be ineffective or unenforceable, or become so after the conclusion of the contract, the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall not be affected. In such case, the ineffective or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by relative provisions coming as close as possible to the economic intentions the contracting parties have pursued with the ineffective or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall also apply in cases, where loopholes might be found in these General Terms and Conditions.


The German version shall prevail, where agreements and statements are based on, and refer to, these General Terms and Conditions. The English version is merely meant to be a translation aid.


Leipzig, September 2018


Leipziger Dok-Filmwochen GmbH