FAQ for the Hybrid Festival

FAQ for the Hybrid Festival


Where can I see festival films? Where do I get tickets? Can I only view films online or also in the cinemas?

Our 63rd festival edition will be a bit different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a hybrid festival with online offerings and film screenings in the cinema. To help you navigate through our festival and make the most of it, we've collected the answers to your most pressing questions in this FAQ.

Questions about the programme

Ticketing & prices

Films online 

Films in the cinema 

DOK Neuland

Technical questions: Streaming

Technical questions: Navigation

Support & hotline


We answer questions on accreditation here. Accredited guests also have access to further tips and information in the myDOK area.


Hybrid festival — what does that mean?

During the festival week we’re showing all films in selected Leipzig cinemas. Additionally, most of the films will be available online as on-demand videos across Germany for two weeks from the day after their festival premier.

The festival premiers of submissions to the International Competition for Long Documentary and Animated Film will be shown in parallel at the CineStar 4 and via livestream. The film talks in the cinema hall can also be followed online, where the digital audience can direct their questions to the filmmakers via chat. The competition films will also be available as on-demand videos the following day.

About the programme

Is there an opening film?

No, there will not be an opening film. A video of the festival’s opening ceremony will be available to all as of Monday, 26 October, at 4 pm on our website. It will be followed by a 5 pm showing of the first long film of the International Competition at the CineStar 4.

Is there an award ceremony?

There will be two award ceremonies this year. You can watch the presentation of our partner prizes on the festival Sunday, 1 November, from 4 pm on our website. The Golden and Silver Doves will be awarded on the same day at 7 pm at a live event in the CineStar 4, followed by a screening of the winning film for the International Competition. Both parts of the event will be livestreamed in parallel. Live and online tickets can be purchased from 20 October (subject to availability).

Are there also films for visually and hearing-impaired viewers this year?


In the cinemas:

  • Subtitles for viewers with hearing impairments can be viewed directly on screen for a select number of films
  • For viewers with visual impairments, audio descriptions for select films are available via the GRETA app for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, including the available films, please refer to Accessibility.


  • Subtitles for viewers with hearing impairments can be turned on directly for select films.
  • For viewers with visual impairments, audio descriptions for select films are available via the GRETA app for both iOS and Android devices. For more information, including the available films, please refer to Accessibility.

Which events offer free admission to the public?

  • In Leipzig: Our screenings at the Central Station and the Extended Reality exhibition for DOK Neuland.
  • Online: Master Class with Annik Leroy, Extended Q&A with Annik Leroy, the Animation Perspectives live event, recorded film talks, Director's Short Cuts, talks, the Opening Ceremony (recording), the Partner Awards Ceremony (recording), and the Golden and Silver Doves Ceremony (recording).
Ticketing and prices

What do tickets cost for DOK Leipzig?

Tickets for our online film screenings cost 5€ (single ticket) or 50€ (season ticket), and 20 € (single tickets for groups). You can also pay a higher amount voluntarily for a season ticket, which will benefit the filmmakers. In particular, if you are watching from home with a group, we ask that you please do this.

Single tickets for our festival screenings in the cinemas cost 8.50€, or 6.50€. The reduced price is valid for those entitled to a discount and generally for screenings until 2 pm. The International Competition screenings in CineStar 4 at 5 pm and 8 pm, along with the awards ceremony on 1 November are not eligible for a reduction. Single tickets for Kids-DOK screenings cost €3.50. There is no season ticket for the festival screenings in the cinemas this year.

How and when can I buy tickets at the cinemas for the screenings?

Ticket sales for DOK Leipzig 2020 begin on 20 October. This year, tickets will exclusively be available at the respective festival cinemas for each screening. There is no central DOK ticket office.

The CineStar Leipzig, Passage Kinos Leipzig, Schaubühne Lindenfels and Cinémathèque Leipzig will offer advance ticket sales via their websites. At the Schauburg Leipzig and the Grassi Museum, you can reserve cinema tickets by phone. You can also buy tickets directly on site at all our cinemas. Detailed information about ticket sales at the individual cinemas can be found on our ticket page.

How and when can I buy tickets for the livestreaming and video-on-demand screenings?

Tickets for our online film screenings can be purchased through the film programme on our website. Please create a user account with our streaming partner culturebase.org beforehand, where you can pay via credit card or Paypal.

I’m accredited, so why am I being prompted to pay for a film?

As an accredited participant you can use our digital offerings at our partner dok-leipzig.culturebase.org for free. You will receive a voucher code from us, which you can redeem there for a season ticket. If you already have an account with them, then you can continue to use it. Otherwise please register before using the voucher. You can access the streaming platform where you can view films directly beginning on 20 October via the ticket buttons in our film programme. If you have further questions, please contact our online guest management at akkreditierung [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de.

I don’t use credit cards or Paypal. Is there another payment option?

Unfortunately, we only offer these two payment options for our online film screenings. Perhaps someone you know can help you out here?

Further information will be provided by 20 October on our ticketing information page.

How do the online screenings work?

Where can I watch a film?

Our film programme is available mainly via video on demand (for a fee), with select films also screening in livestream. Please note that our film programme is geoblocked and can only be seen in Germany. The only exceptions are for accredited professionals and members of the press. 

You can access our streaming platform via the ticket buttons in our film programme and purchase tickets directly, but you’ll need to register with our partner culturebase.org first. If you already have an existing account, you can continue to use it there for the festival as well.

When will the films be available for online viewing?

The films are available online for 14 days from the day after their respective festival premieres (see film programme). The final films can therefore be viewed until 14 November.

The 12 films in the International Competition for Long Documentary and Animated Film will be livestreamed from Monday to Saturday at 5 pm and 8 pm (see film programme for exact starting times), followed by a live film talk with the filmmakers. On the following day they are also available as video on demand.

Films for which you have purchased a video-on-demand ticket are available for 48 hours from the beginning of the screening. There is no such option for the livestream, as the ticket is only valid for the time the livestream runs.

Can I view the films directly in the myDOK section of the website?

No, our festival films run exclusively on the streaming platform of our partner dok-leipzig.culturebase.org, for which you need a user account.

What are Online Exclusives?

These parts of our programme are only available online, including film talks, video statements by filmmakers (Director's Short Cuts), thematic discussion formats on our programme, the Animation Perspectives format and this year's Master Class with Annik Leroy. Some of these online offers are freely available on our website, while others require a ticket. You will find information on all events in our programme overview.

Can I watch a film together with a group?

This is of course possible. Groups can pay a higher price of 20 € for a one-way ticket based on trust.

What will the festival do with this extra support?

The extra support, which exceeds the price of a season ticket for the online screenings, will be used to pay the filmmakers an expense allowance for their online participation in the festival.

What should I consider when visiting the festival cinemas?

Where can I see DOK Leipzig films?

We are showing films in the following Leipzig partner cinemas: CineStar Leipzig, Passage Kinos Leipzig, Cinémathèque Leipzig, the Grassi Museum, Schaubühne Lindenfels and Schauburg Leipzig. In addition, we will present selected highlights from our competitions in the East Hall of the main station as well as the daily programme "Genius Loci" on Saxon industrial culture, also in the main station. Please refer to our programme for details on locations and times.

Where can I buy tickets for the film showings?

You can get tickets for our screenings in the cinemas directly. There is no central DOK ticket office this year. Advanced ticket sales in the cinemas will start on 20 October. For further details, please see our ticket page.


Are filmmakers on site for talks?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to invite any filmmakers to Leipzig this year. Therefore, there are no film talks in the cinemas after the film screenings. Instead, we will make them available online: From 26 October onwards, you can watch talks on most of the competition films via our website, with the exception of the International Competition titles. For these films, there will be a talk in the cinema following the respective festival premiere, to which the filmmakers will be connected live. These film talks are only available on our website after the premiere.

What are the hygiene rules in the festival cinemas?

In all our festival cinemas seating capacity is reduced and masks that cover the nose and mouth are compulsory in the foyers and all traffic areas. You can take off the mask at your seat. In addition, the cinemas must ensure contact tracking and request guests’ contact details. These will be gathered in different ways depending on the cinema. For more information on the measures in the cinemas, please contact them individually.

Do these rules also apply to the main station?

Procedures are different for our showings at the main station. We ask for your understanding about the fact that the open character of the film screenings cannot be maintained this year. The event area is separated by walls and the number of seats is limited. Access to the event area is also only possible after submitting a contact form and masks that cover the nose and mouth are compulsory during the film screenings. These forms will be issued 45 minutes before the start of the event. Please also note the instructions on site. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to assist you there.

Is it acceptable for people from risk groups to take part in the cinema screenings?

Unfortunately, we cannot make this decision for you. You’ll have to determine whether you feel comfortable. In case of doubt, buying a ticket for an online screening is a good alternative. 

DOK Neuland

Where is DOK Neuland taking place?

The extended reality exhibition DOK Neuland is open to the Leipzig public during the festival week, and admission is free. This year, DOK Neuland will take place at several locations. At the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK), you have the opportunity to discover all of the selected works. We will also present individual works from the exhibition in the Grassi Museum (2nd floor), in the INTERIM at the Cinémathèque Leipzig and in the Schaubühne Lindenfels (foyer). Opening hours for each location can be found here.

What do I need to consider if I want to visit the exhibition?

In the exhibition, the pandemic protection measures set by each venue apply, as well as the standard mask and physical distance requirements. We developed the exhibition so that the minimum distance between the individual visitors can be maintained. The equipment is disinfected after each use by our DOK Neuland team. During opening hours, staff will be on site to explain how to correctly use the equipment. 

When and where can I buy DOK Neuland tickets?

Admission to the exhibition at MdbK and access to the individual experiences at our other venues is free. If all seats are occupied or the maximum number of people in the room has been reached, please be patient and wait outside the exhibition.

This year we are also offering early bird reservations free of charge. You can find further information here.

Technical questions, support and online navigation

What is Culturebase?

culturebase.org is the platform through which we’re showing all of the films in the DOK Leipzig 2020 programme. To watch a film, you need a user account, which you can easily create as soon as you want to purchase your first ticket for an online screening. You will also need a myDok account on our website if you want to organise your programme or participate in industry events as an accredited participant.

What kind of device do I need for viewing?

Any device that has a compatible browser.

Advice on your browser

Advice on old browser versions


Can I view the films from outside Germany?

No. Our film programme is geoblocked and can only be seen in Germany. The only exceptions are for accredited professionals and members of the press.

Do I have to watch a film immediately after I buy a ticket? How much time do I have?

The ticket for a video-on-demand screening remains valid as long as the film is available, which is two weeks after their premiere. Exceptions are the screenings, which we’re showing online via livestream. If you purchase a livestream ticket, it can only be used for the period of that particular showing itself.

How many times can I view a film?

The film can be viewed once, and is available for 48 hours from the time that you start watching.

Can I interrupt the film and continue watching it later?

Yes, after you have already started a film, you can watch it to the end within the next 48 hours. After that the ticket loses its validity. This is true for all films except the screenings, which are only available as livestreams.

Where do I find the festival films?

Where do I find the film talks and Q&As?

You can view them on our website. They will be available from 26 October through links on their respective film pages.

Where do I find the offers for online exclusives?

Some offers, including our opening event, can be accessed directly from our website. Others take place with Zoom, where you can participate in real time by linking to the respective event through our website. You don't need your own Zoom account, but you do need the application on your device. You can also watch the live video on our Facebook page. The events will be recorded and made available on our website afterwards.

Information about how to access events through the various platforms can be accessed through our programme.

Can I put together an individual programme overview?

In our myDOK area we offer the possibility to individually compile your festival schedule. To do so, please register for myDOK first. You can then mark your favorites in the programme and add them to your personal overview. To view films online, you must also register with our partner culturebase.org. Both registrations are completely independent of one other.

Support & hotline

Der Ticketbutton bei meinem Wunschfilm funktioniert nicht. 

Der Kartenverkauf für alle DOK Leipzig Filme – sowohl in den Kinos als auch auf unserer Streamingplattform Culturebase – beginnt am 20. Oktober. Ab diesem Datum werden Sie über die Ticketbuttons zu der entsprechenden Kaufseite weitergeleitet.

I’m having technical problems while playing an on-demand video.

Make sure you are using a current browser and check your firewall and router settings.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you as of 20 October.

  • tickets [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de
  • +49 (0) 341 30864-2020

We would be pleased if you contact us by email. This makes it easier for us to process your requests in a coordinated fashion.

I forgot my login details.

  • You can reset your password for your myDOK account on our website here.
  • For our partner site culturebase.org you can reset your password after clicking on "Login" in the upper right corner and entering your username in the window that opens. You can find more information here.
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