62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Festival News


Three Animated Film Progrmmes at DOK Leipzig

Three Animated Film Progrmmes at DOK Leipzig This year we have three Special Programmes for animated filmCall of Cuteness by Brenda Lien

First, we’re welcoming special guests the Brothers Quay to the 62nd edition of DOK Leipzig. The legendary artist duo from London is known for original stop-motion animations and spherical horror that is often inspired by literary works, and they have earned prominent fans such as director Christopher Nolan. In the Special Programme Potentiae Materialis. Homage Brothers Quay we’ll be showing some of their works along with films that the artists have chosen themselves. During the Brothers Quay Night*footnotes event on 01 November at the Schaubühne Lindenfels, the artists will also provide personal insights into their work. Additionally, we are delighted that the Brothers Quay are contributing this year's festival trailer. Stay tuned!


For the Special Programme Licht durch Finsternis. Der Mystiker Jakob Böhme und die Animation, DOK Leipzig has also entered into a creative exchange of ideas with Estonian filmmaker and artist Mait Laas, who has intensively studied the philosopher Jakob Böhme, a native of Görlitz. Laas has applied Böhme’s idea that there is no light without darkness to the cinema and put together eight films that correspond to the themes of "light" and "darkness".


DOK Leipzig is also presenting a new format: Animation Perspectives. In this series, two artists who work with cinematic animation present a selection of their works and then discuss their themes and approaches both together and with the audience. This year, Brenda Lien, who focuses critically on viral phenomena such as cat videos or make-up tutorials, and Max Colson, who creates digital scenarios with the help of architectural software, will begin the dialogue.


And finally, the around 150 films for this year’s Special Programme have now been selected. In addition to the animated film programme, there are a number of jewels to be found among the selections for the Country Focus Croatia, the Retrospective, and the Homage to Tan Pin Pin  sections. DOK Leipzig will also be showing former festival films in the Re-Visionen section, along with films by Eduard Schreiber for the DEFA-Matinee. Meanwhile, young film fans will be treated to a special selection of titles in the Kids DOK programme.


The festival is also celebrating a special reunion this year with Jürgen Kuttner. Just as he did in 2017, he will be presenting one of his popular film and video snippet performances as part of DOK Leipzig. This time he’ll be conduct a humorous exploration of word and image bubbles that he discovered in old broadcast programmes from East and West Germany.


Please find more detailed information on all of our Special Programmes and a film overview here


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