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International Programme 2018
Petit Frère Roberto Collío, Rodrigo Robledo

We see a splintered image of the Haitian immigrant community in Chile. Documented from below, cutting across all visual and temporal layers: decentralised and associative.

Petit Frère

Documentary Film
69 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Isabel Orellana Guarello
Roberto Collío, Rodrigo Robledo
Cerrito Corto
Matías Illanes
Mayra Morán
Roberto Collío, Rodrigo Robledo
Flavio Nogueira
Humanity intends to travel to Mars: tabula rasa with civilisation. Social avant-garde. The planets grow together, but the future is slow in coming. The sniffer dog Valyente does his job at the Moneda, the presidential palace in Santiago de Chile, checking rows of chairs and settees for explosives. The dog is from Haiti, just like Petit-Frère Wilner who, like many of his compatriots, immigrated to Chile. He works as a gas station attendant at night and as the editor of a magazine for the Haitian community during the day. It’s published in Creole and Valyente got his own article there, too.

Guided by Petit-Frère’s offscreen voice, Roberto Collío and Rodrigo Robledo paint a splintered image of the Haitian immigrant community in Chile which deliberately refuses to be traced to a stable perspective: we see brass bands and swimming races, satellite and silent film images, documents of the past and visions of the future – associative and free, half research, half dream. Reality is the imaginary object of the search for it. There is no access, but there is always the chance to film it.

Lukas Stern