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Cross Media Screening 2013
The Duce Vita

Mussolini is alive! At least for the neo-fascists and diehards who make the pilgrimage to his hometown to create a bizarre cult around the dictator – saying a rosary included. Absurd and sinister!

The Duce Vita

Documentary Film
45 minutes
90 years after Mussolini came to power, the interactive documentary immerses web users into the daily life of Predappio, the dictator's native place. It is a small city that was created ex novo to serve Mussolini’s worship and to spread propaganda about the myth around the dictator. During the fascist regime the city was visited by all Italians and numerous foreign heads of state. And even today, Predappio remains the most important place of pilgrimage for the “black shirts”, the Neo-Fascists, worshiping Mussolini and evoking the dark times from yesterday's Italy.