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Holy God

Documentary Film
25 minutes

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Aleksey Uchitel, Kira Saksaganskaya
Vladlena Sandu
Vladlena Sandu
Vladlena Sandu
Vladlena Sandu
Dmitriy Boyarintsev
The Sandu family got three kilos of rice from the state as compensation for their bombed house in Grosny. After that not much was left of the lives of three women – grandmother, mother, daughter. Vladlena Sandu tells a thoughtful and dignified tale of physical and psychological trauma and the normal career of a refugee, including dog food, “trauma” certificate, homelessness and intensive care. Putin’s thanks on New Year’s Day go to the terrorism-fighting home country. Words fail them. Silence. Turmoil. Bewilderment.

Barbara Wurm