Funeralopolis. A Suburban Portrait

Funeralopolis. A Suburban Portrait

Documentary Film
94 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Barbara Guieu
Alessandro Redaelli
Ruggero Melis
Alessandro Radaelli
Daniele Fagone, Ruggero Melis, Alessandro Redaelli
Daniele Fagone, Ruggero Melis, Alessandro Redaelli
Michele Benedetti
Losing senses is often the path to finding meaning. Drug paraphernalia in the tiny dirty train toilet. Cut. A belt around a thin upper arm. Fade to black. A needle hanging from a vein. Fade to black. A trickle of blood on the arm. Can you use the water here to wash yourself? Better not. We meet Vash and Felce between Bresso, Sesto San Giovanni and Milan. Vash is younger than Felce, cheerful, with his hair in something that makes him look “like a mushroom”. Felce used to study architecture. They make music, party and take drugs.

Alessandro Redaelli used to shoot juice commercials featuring colourfully dressed and laughing young people. But in this film there are no colours. Some laughing though – and crying. Everything races past and we don’t know where. This “suburban portrait” deals with vanities and fashion, provocation and the right timing. Redaelli insists that his film is not about heroin and definitely not an educational film about the consequences of addiction. To him it’s a film about two friends looking for a meaning in life.

Carolin Weidner