62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Doc Alliance Festival report

Doc Alliance Festival report IT'S GOT A NAME. CALL IT GOLDEN DOVE.

This is the first among the subjective reports by Doc Alliance Films team members from their European trips to partner festivals. Their journey starts in the cinematic world of our DOK Leipzig festival indulging in animated films and new contemporary documentary genres.


"First the alarm clock, then the garbage truck. Emptying the trash cans, sweeping up the leaves... A melange of sounds. A sudden outcry of crows and unexpectedly strong echoes of bells, which must be massive, from the St. Nicolas Church.


This Monday, it was really windy in Leipzig.


In a little while, silence entered the hotel room through the open window again. The heavy curtains reminded of theatre curtains. The streets were suddenly empty. I guess. Behind the unopened curtain, anyone can imagine and stage-manage the new day as he likes. He can even give it a name.


In Leipzig, it was really windy this Monday.


There was a strong draught in the cinema's passageway. It only ceased in the evening. It was the evening of the closing of the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and the opening of the Leipzig festival. To be more precise, the 56th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.


"All those who are hungry for documentary and animated films can look forward to a solid nutritious dose," the festival organizers promised at the opening ceremony. The nutritional values should range from several seconds to over 2 hours.


For seventeen years, DOK Leipzig festival has been presenting the genre of animated documentary film, and this year will see the first award for the best one. As festival director Claas Danielsen put it: "Who else but us should present this significant award to these unique films?" The award goes by the name of Animadoc Golden Dove.


Abdullah, the protagonist of one of the nominated films, has been waiting for someone to call him by his name for ages. Childhood memories of the cruelty of his peers; overcoming the shadows of depersonalized family relationships; a fall into no less callous addiction; the search for a new beginning and a new self. The moment he hears the sentence: "He's got a name. Call him Abdullah", he has a new reason to live...

(Besides this film, you can watch the other 15 nominated "Animadoc films" even if you are not in Leipzig; you can do so online with us at


Great stories, personal and real ones. Just like traditional documentaries, animated films, too can probe deep - be it by their themes or even more so by their approach - into real intimate stories. We are happy that these films got their own award. Call it Animadoc Golden Dove!"


Diana Potočná

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