DOK Leipzig 31. Oktober – 6. November 2016
59. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar– und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 31 October – 6 November 2016
59th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film



"Austerlitz" wins Golden Dove

Ukrainian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa won the prestigious Golden Dove in the International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film with the film “Austerlitz” at DOK Leipzig, a prize sponsored by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk broadcasting network. In this work set in black & white scenes the renowned filmmaker observes people visiting concentration camps. Among other reasons, the jury substantiated its choice with the words: “The intrinsic tranquility and beauty of his images along with the remarkable sound editing allow plenty of time to think back once again on what occurred not so long ago in the middle of Europe.” “Austerlitz” is scheduled for release to movie theatres in Germany on 15 December.  


The Golden Dove in the German Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film went to Thorsten Trimpop for his film “Furusato”. Shot in Japan, the movie employs monumental scenes to capture the repercussions of the catastrophe in Fukushima. Georgian director Mariam Chachia was honoured with the Golden Dove in the Next Masters Competition for “Listen to the Silence”. Her film tells the story of a deaf boy who finds an opportunity for expression via dance at a boarding school. The prize endowed by the Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig serves as seed capital for the next film project. The Finnish entry “Kaisa’s Enchanted Forest” (“Kuun metsän Kaisa”) by Katja Gauriloff was honoured with the Golden Dove for the Best Animated Documentary Film, which was sponsored by the firm TELEPOOL GmbH. 


In the International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film, Zofia Kowalewska from Poland was awarded the Golden Dove Short Documentary Film for her entry “Close Ties” (“Więzi”). The film is ranked on the shortlist at the Academy Awards in the category Documentary Short Subject. Elin Grimstad received the Golden Dove Short Animated Film for the Norwegian entry entitled “Eternal Hunting Grounds” (“Evige jaktmarker”). This film can qualify for an OSCAR® in the category Short Film, provided it fulfils the formal criteria issued by the Academy.


The Golden Dove for the Best Short German Documentary and Animated Film went to the Polish-German co-production “Patriotic Lesson” (“Lekcja patriotyzmu”) directed by Filip Jacobson.

Awarded for the first time, the Silver Dove in the International Competition Long Documentary and Animated Film distinguishes the best film on the subject of democracy and human rights. It went to “Cahier Africain” by Heidi Specogna in the form of a Swiss-German production. Heidi Specogna has already been represented at DOK Leipzig via several films. This year the Silver Dove was sponsored by Uwe Steimle, an actor. The film additionally received the prize from the newly founded Interreligious Jury (formerly the Ecumenical Jury), and is scheduled to start at cinemas throughout Germany on 10 November. The Silver Dove for an Outstanding Artistic Contribution in the International Competition Short Documentary and Animated Film went to Danish filmmaker Robin Petré for her film entitled “Pulse”.


A total of 21 prizes were awarded at this year’s festival, including 7 Golden Doves and 2 Silver Doves. With 77,000 euros in prize money, DOK Leipzig is the best-endowed documentary film festival in Germany. Four of the award-winning films along with the audience favourites will be shown again tomorrow (Sunday). A total of 309 works were screened during the festival week, which ends on Sunday.


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