Director’s Short Cuts

Director’s Short Cuts


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing travel restrictions, we were unable to invite filmmakers to Leipzig this year. That is why we asked the filmmakers whether they would like to say something about their work in cinematic form. The specifications were simple: they had a maximum length of three minutes, but were otherwise free to decide whether they wanted to address something from the film or take things in a completely different direction.

The response overwhelmed us. They created more than 40 artistic short films, which we’re  presenting to you as “Director's Short Cuts” free to watch on Vimeo. Some of the pieces are directly connected to their respective film in our programme, while others stand alone in terms of content.

Our thanks go to all of the artists involved.
Have fun exploring!

All Director’s Short Cuts at a glance

You can watch all Director’s Short Cuts on Vimeo. You find them all in one collection:

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Filme A – C

Spiegelbild von zwei Frauen auf einem Motorroller, eine mit einer Fotokamera in der Hand.
80.000 Schnitzel
by Hannah Schweier
A Black Jesus
by Luca Lucchesi
Alice’s Four Stories
by Myriam Jacob-Allard
The Annotated Field Guide of Ulysses S. Grant
by Jim Finn
Appropriation Takes You on a Weird Ride
by Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani
Bad Mood
by Loris Giuseppe Nese
The Blunder of Love
by Rocco Di Mento
by Alfonso Amador
Considering the Ends
by Elsa Maury

Filme D – E

Dark Matter
by Viktor Brim
Deep in Time’s Crevasse
by Romulus Balazs
Der Schornsteinsegler
by Frédéric Schuld
Dieser Film heißt aus rechtlichen Gründen Breaking Bert
by Anne Isensee
Eine einsame Stadt
by Nicola Graef
by Marie Zrenner, Johanna Seggelke
Es Gibt
by Lena Ditte Nissen
Everything that is forgotten in an Instant
by Richard Shpuntoff

Filme F – L

Flying Low
by Diego Piñeros García, Elkin Calderón Guevara
Forgotten Lands
by Amélie Cabocel
Gimme One
by Montague FitzGerald
by Moritz Mueller-Preisser
Hotel Astoria
by Alina Cyranek and Falk Schuster
In Ictu Oculi
by Jorge Moneo Quintana
Lamentations of Judas
by Alexandra Sophia Handal
London Knowledge
by Max Colson

Filme M – T

by Giulia Attanasio
Out of Bounds
by Franz Impler
The Painting
by Andrés Sanz Vicente
Play Me, I’m Yours
by Julia Palmieri Mattison
Rift Finfinee
by Daniel Kötter
Robin’s Hood
by Jasmin Baumgartner
Roman’s Childhood
by Linas Mikuta
Sogni al Campo
by Magda Guidi, Mara Cerri
Their Algeria
by Lina Soualem
The Poets visit Juana Bignozzi
by Laura Citarella, Mercedes Halfon
Tiger and Ox
by Seunghee Kim
To Feather, To Wither
by Hanna Hovitie
Trouble Sleep
by Alain Kassanda

Filme U – Z

Verwundene Fäden
by Deborah Jeromin
Water Silhouettes
by Violeta Paus
We have one Heart
by Katarzyna Warzecha
William Jefferson Wilderness
by Ben Young
Wir wollten alle Fiesen killen
by Jörg Heitmann
Zaho Zay
by Maéva Ranaïvojaona, Georg Tiller
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