Acclaim for DOK Industry Alumni Projects

Acclaim for DOK Industry Alumni Projects

We are happy to see the film projects from previous DOK Industry editions evolving into successful films. Follow their stories, save the date for their premieres and discover where they screen next.

Premieres in 2023

A female person in surgical dress stands leaning slightly forward, looking off to the side as she speaks.
Pure Unknown (Co-Pro Market 2019)

by Mattia Colombo, Valentina Cicogna
produced by: Jump Cut with Amka Films Productions, Sisyfos Film

World Premiere in the International Competition at Visions du Réel
International Premiere at Hot Docs 

A young couple in winter clothes sits leaning at each other. Both have their eyes closed.
Motherland (Co-Pro Market 2019)

by Alexander Mihalkovich, Hanna Badziaka
produced by: Sisyfos Film Production

World Premiere and DOX:Award in the International Main Competition at CPH:DOX 


A portrait photo of a young boy lies on a wooden table.
A Silent Story (Co-Pro Market 2019)

by Anders Skovbjerg Jepsen 
produced by: Final Cut for Real

World Premiere at CPH:DOX

A pick up truck parks on a lawn in front of a castle.
The Castle (Co-Pro Market 2021)

by Martin Benchimol
produced by: Gema Films, Sister Productions
Distribution: Luxbox Films

World Premiere at Berlinale Panorama

A man with blond braids and a red leather jacket lies on a sofa. He has his eyes closed.
Calls From Moscow (Preview Germany 2022)

by Luis Alejandro Yero
produced by: Cosmic Productions 

World Premiere at Berlinale Forum

A young man in a black suit stretches his right arm and hand upwards while standing in the backstage area of a theatre.
Pianoforte (Preview Training 2022)

by Jakub Piątek
produced by: Telemark 

World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival (World Cinema Documentary Competition)

Premieres in 2022

An older woman with short hair stands at a window and looks into a garden with lots of flowers.
Loving Martha (Preview Training 2021)

by Daniela López
produced by: Ruido, Maravillacine, Señal Colombia
Distribution: Señal Colombia

World Premiere at IDFA

A man walks through a barren burnt landscape. Smoke rises from the ground and  clouds the view.
Paradise (Co-Pro Market 2020)

by Alexander Abaturov
produced by: Petit à Petit Production, Intermezzo Films
Distribution: The Party Film Sales

World Premiere at IDFA

A boy in a red shirt stands on top of a hill and overlooks the coastline of a small mediterranean island.
Kristos, the Last Child (Co-Pro Market 2019)

by Giulia Amati
produced by: Blink Blink Prod, Les Films de l'oeil sauvage
Distribution: Deckert Distribution (World Sales)

World Premiere at Giornate degli Autori Venice Biennale

An elderly couple is sitting next to each other. The woman (left) is looking down, the man is rising his head and eyes up to the sky.
Paying a Visit to Fortuna (Preview Training 2017)

by Matyas Kalman
produced by: ELF Pictures, Peglanje snova, Kompot

World Premiere in the Documentary Competition at Sarajevo Film Festival

A woman holds a teenager girl in her arms and kisses her forehead. The teenager has her eyes closed.
Too Close (Co-Pro Market 2020)

Botond Püsök
produced by: Luna Film, On The Spot Films
Distribution: Rise and Shine World Sales

World Premiere in the Documentary Competition at Sarajevo Film Festival

Two persons walk the red carpet into a cinema at a film premiere. Many people line the way.
Aurora’s Sunrise (Co-Pro Market 2016)

by Inna Sahakyan
produced by: Bars Media, Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion, Artbox, VS!

World Premiere at Annecy International Animation Film Festival

Silver Apricot at Golden Apricot International Film Festival

From a bird’s eye view: A male teenager is resting his head on a chair. He does not wear a shirt. On his shoulder, you can see a tattoo of the words "Born slippy".
How to Save a Dead Friend (Preview Training 2019)

Marusya Syroechkovskaya
produced by: Docs Vostok, Sisyfos Film

World Premiere and Special Mention in the International Feature Film Competition at Visions du Réel

Zwei Frauen fahren gemeinsam auf einem Fahrrad: Vorne auf der Stange sitzt eine Frau mit langen Haaren und Zopf, hinten eine Frau mit kurzen Haaren. Beide lachen.
Silent Love (Co-Pro Market 2019)

Marek Kozakiewicz
produced by: Koi Studio, Tondowski Films

World premiere at Visions du Réel

North American Premiere at Hot Docs

A person wrapped in many layers of white fabric stands in the middle of a living room. Only the persons arms is visible, pointing out of the fabric in direction of the window.
Electric Malady (Co-Pro Market 2015)

Marie Lidén
produced by: Aconite Productions

World Premiere at CPH:DOX

A woman in a bird costume is sitting on a plastic chair, all alone in a very clean waiting room. Above her head a small chain of lights that creates a purple lighting mood.
Just Animals (Co-Pro Market 2020)

Saila Kivelä, Vesa Kuosmanen
produced by: Tuffi Films Oy
Distribution: The Yellow Affair (World Sales), YLE

International Premiere at CPH:DOX
North American Premiere at Hot Docs

A woman with a fur coat holds a Bunsen burner with a huge flame.
The Pawnshop (Preview Training 2020)

Łukasz Kowalski 
produced by: 4.30 Studio

World Premiere at CPH:DOX

Panorama shoot of the skyline of a small town in Bulgaria during daytime.
No Place for You in Our Town (Co-Pro Market 2019)

Nikolay Stefanov 
produced by: Smarty Pants Shooter
Distribution: Lightbox

World Premiere at CPH:DOX

A street covered with snow in winter: A man with a leopard fur coat is watching two cars racing through the snow.
Tolyatti Adrift (Co-Pro Market 2017)

Laura Sistero
produced by: Boogaloo Films, Les Films d’Ici
Distribution: Filmotor (World Sales)

World Premiere at Málaga FF
International Premiere at Visions du Réel
North American Premiere at Hot Docs 
Silver Horn at Krakow Film Festival

A woman in a business suit walk through the almost empty hall of a stock exchange.
Dragon Women (Co-Pro Market 2017)

Frédérique de Montblanc
produced by: Savage Films, Beauvoir Films, Seesaw Pictures
Distribution: Rise & Shine (World Sales)

World Premiere at Docville
International Premiere at Visions du Réel

Zeichnung der Fassade einer Bankfiliale an einer Straßenecke. Im Vordergrund geht ein Mann vorbei. Links ist ein Geldautomat. Über der Tür und den Fenstern hängen mehrere Schilder mit dem Wort "Bank".
Robin Bank (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Anna Giralt Gris
produced by: GusanoFilms, Indi Film
Distribution: Java Films (World Sales), Camino Filmverleih (theatrical, Germany)

World Premiere at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

An elderly woman wearing sunglasses sits on the floor of a storage room that is fully packed with boxes, bags and furniture
Dreaming Walls (Co-Pro Market 2019)

Amélie van Elmbt, Maya Duverdier 
produced by: Clin d'oeil films, Les films de l'oeil sauvage, Media International, CBA Doc, Hard Working Movies, Basalt Film, Momento Film 
Distribution: Dogwoof (World Sales)

World Premiere at Berlinale Panorama

A baby is sleeping with its head resting on the shoulder of its mother.
Midwives (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Snow Hnin Ei Hlaing
produced by: EyeSteelFilm, AMA Film, Snow Films 
Distribution: Dogwoof (World Sales)

World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival: World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award: Excellence in Vérité Filmmaking

Premieres in 2021

Porträt of an old woman. She looks straight and seriously into the camera, wearing shot white hair, a white shirt and a red cardigan.
The Moment of Transition (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Chiara Marotta 
produced by: La Sarraz, RAI Cinema
Distribution: La Sarraz Distribuzione (theatrical), RAI

World Premiere at IDFA
Special Mention at Festival dei Popoli

A young girl in summer clothes is sitting on the pathway at the side of a street. Her long hair almost covers her face. She pulls some hair aside to look with one eye into the camera.
Museum of the Revolution (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Srđan Keča
produced by: Uzrok, Restart, Nutprodukce
Distribution: Lightdox (World Sales), déja vu film (theatrical, Germany)

World Premiere at IDFA
North American Premiere at Hot Docs 2022

A wide corn field under a thunderstorm sky. A couple stands in the field, hugging each other. On the side parks a car.
Everything Will Change (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Marten Persiel
produced by: Flare Film, Windmill Film
Distribution: TF1 Studio (World Sales) Farbfilm Verleih (theatrical, Germany) Pathé Film (theatrical, Switzerland)

World premiere at Zurich Film Festival
Audience Award at Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis

Two young persons sit at a table full of glasses and bottles
How the Room Felt (Preview Training 2020)

Ketevani Kapanadze 
produced by: Jashi film 
Distribution: Syndicado Film Sales (World Sales)

World Premiere at IDFA
North American Premiere at Hot Docs 2022


Media Name: 16a1d127-621d-4889-9a4d-453d33eafc47.jpg
Water Has No Borders (Co-Pro Market 2017)

Maradia Tsaav 
produced by: OpyoDoc, Faites un voeu 

World Premiere in International Competition at DOK Leipzig

Splitter collage: Left a photo of a young woman running towards the camera, right the illustration of the outlines of a male person.
Love, Dad (Short n’ Sweet 2019)

Diana Cam Van Nguyen
produced by: 13ka

World Premiere at Locarno IFF 

Silver Dove of the Audience Competition at DOK Leipzig

Two grim-looking men who are wearing winter jackets covered with snow are walking side by side in a street that is also covered with snow.
Displaced – Pa Vend (Short n’ Sweet 2019)

Samir Karahoda
produced by: SK Pictures
Radiator IP Sales (World Sales)

World Premiere at Festival de Cannes

A woman with long hair is shouting at a protest march.
Dying to Divorce (Preview Training 2018)

Chloe Fairweather
produced by: Dying to Divorce Ltd., Aldeles Film Production, WDR, ARTE
Distribution: Java Films (World Sales), Dartmouth Films (UK), WDR, ARTE, DR, NRK

World Premiere at Hot Docs

A man rides on his horse, surrounded by a huge flock of sheep.
Gaucho Americano (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Nicolás Molina
produced by: Pequén Producciones

World Premiere at Hot Docs

Amidst the scenery of alpine mountains, three men are walking down a path from a hill. They  carrying a huge cross on their shoulders.
Reconciliation (Co-Pro Market 2015)

Marija Zidar
produced by: Vertigo, Film House Bas Celik, Seagull Entertainment, Dera Film
Distribution: Illumina Films (World Sales)

World Premiere at CPH:DOX

Ein älteres und ein jüngeres Paar stehen mit einem Koffer auf einem Bahnsteig. Die jüngere Frau weint, der Mann nimmt sie in den Arm. Das ältere Paar schaut zu.
Les Enfants Terribles (Co-Pro Market 2019)

Ahmet Necdet Çupur 
produced by: TS Productions, Jiyoti Films, Liman Films
Distribution: Deckert Distribution, France 3, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Visions du Réel Special Jury Award 

Sarajevo IFF Human Rights Award

A woman is walking at a rocky beach. She looks down and picks something up with a long gripper.
Walk the Tideline (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Anna Antsalo
produced by: Tuffi Films Oy
Distribution: First Hand Films, Raina Films

World Premiere at Docpoint Helsinki

Premieres in 2020

A black-and-white pic: The close-up of a man’s face in profile. He is looking out of a car window.
This Rain Will Never Stop (Co-Pro Market 2017)

by Alina Gorlova
produced by: Tabor, Avantis Promo, Bulldog Agenda
Distribution: Square Eyes (World Sales), jip film & verleih (Germany)

Award for Best First Appearance Award at IDFA
Best Feature-Length Film, Festival dei Popoli
Golden Lily Award, goEast
International Documentary Award, International Documentary Association (IDA)
Main Jury Prize, One World Prague

An older man blows out the candles on a huge birthday cake made of cream. There are three candles with the numbers 1, 0 and 2.
100UP (Co-Pro Market 2017)

by Heddy Honigmann
produced by: Dutch Mountain Film, Savage Film,
Distribution: CAT&Docs (World Sales), Amstelfilm (Netherlands) Kinosmith (Canada)

World Premiere at IDFA

A person is bowing her head to work on some shiny Christmas decoration.
Merry Christmas, Yiwu (Preview Training 2017)

by Mladen Kovačević
produced by: Horopter Film Production, Sisyfos Film Production
Distribution: Deckert Distribution (World Sales)

World Premiere at IFFR
North American Premiere at Hot Docs
Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary, Sarajevo IFF

Two woman are sitting opposite to each other at a small wooden table on a balcony. The woman at the left is cuddling  a small dog in her arms. Both women are smiling.
Her Mothers (Preview Training 2019)

by Asia Dér, Sára Haragonics 
produced by: Camp Film, HBO Europe, Match Frame Productions
Distribution: Syndicado Film Sales (World Sales), HBO Europe

World Premiere at Hot Docs
Best Documentary Award, Crossing Europe Linz

A family with seven children of different age is strolling through a big meadow during summertime. In the background you can see huge apartment houses.
Acasa, My Home (Preview Training 2019)

Radu Ciornicius
produced by: Manifest Film, Kinocompany, CORSO Film
Distribution: Autlook Filmsales, HBO Europe, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, YLE

Special Jury Award for Cinematography Sundance FF World Cinema Documentary 

Special Jury Award Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 

Human Rights Award, Sarajevo FF 

Golden Horn for the Director of the Best Film, Krakow FF 

and many more

Eine Aufnahme in der Dämmerung: Zwei Jugendliche hängen vor einem leer stehenden, heruntergekommenem Wohnblock rum.
The Earth Is Blue As an Orange (Co-Pro Market 2018)

Iryna Tsilyk
produced by: Albatros Communicos Ukrain
Distribution: CAT&Docs 

Directing Award Sundance FF World Cinema Documentary

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