Mehrere Personen im Gespräch am Gästecounter im Festivalzentrum 2019
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The festival is food for both the mind and the soul.
To make sure that you don’t miss out, secure accreditation for DOK Leipzig 2020 and get access to online screenings, online industry offerings and stimulating online talks with inspiring guests.
When can I apply for an accreditation?

Accreditation is open from 1/8/2020 until the end of the festival week 2020.

Press accreditation is open from 1/8/2020 until 18/10/2020.

Can I visit DOK Leipzig with an accreditation this year?

Sadly, no. We will not have a guest centre or programming open to accredited guests during the festival screening programme in Leipzig. The programme will be online and your accreditation will grant you access to Online Festival. Tickets for the festival screenings in Leipzig will be able to purchase if you live locally or travel to the city on your own initiative.

How do I apply for an accreditation?

To apply for an accreditation, you first need to register for our online platform myDOK.

Go to myDOK


Once registered, log in to your myDOK account and choose your accreditation type (please pay attention to our different accreditation types and read our notes thoroughly). Please fill in the accreditation registration form completely and submit your form. You will be prompted to pay immediately. In the case that your accreditation is not approved by the festival, we will reimburse you the whole sum immediately.

However, as we might have to deal with a high number of applicants it could take a while until we are able to process your request. Please be patient with us. Thank you.

Accreditation Management

akkreditierung [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de

How much does an accreditation cost?
  • Accreditation Online Festival + Industry
    100 €
  • Accreditation Online Festival + Industry + Film Market access
    200 €
  • Press accreditation Online Festival (without Film Market access)*
    0 €

* Please find the special rules for a press accreditation further down.

Are there any discounts for students?

Students can apply for the following accreditation types:

  • Accreditation Online Festival + Industry for student groups (without DOK Film Market access)*
    50 €

- group of 10 students minimum
- price per student 
- subject of studies must be film or film-related
- a valid certificate of study is required

* Please find the special rules for student groups apply further down.

  • Accreditation Online Festival + Industry for single students (without Film Market access)*
    50 €

- subject of studies must be film or film-related
- a valid certificate of study is required

* Please find the special rules for single students apply further down.

What does an accreditation for the DOK Leipzig Online Festival include?

With your accreditation you will have access to the screenings of the DOK Leipzig Online Film Festival programme. Each film will be available online for two weeks after its premiere screening with a contingent of screening places reserved for accredited guests. Recorded Q&As and discussions will complement the digital programme.

Furthermore your accreditation allows you to participate in the majority of the DOK Industry Programme*, happening online this year. Your accreditation gives you access to stream the Opening and Closing Ceremony online and also the new DOK Industry Podcasts to download. Each accreditation includes a digital copy of the DOK Leipzig Festival catalogue and gives access to the Industry Guide published in the myDOK area online until 31/12/2020.

Film Market access can only be granted to vetted professionals with a Festival + Film Market Access accreditation. Your online access to our digital video library will be valid for 6 months beginning on the first day of the festival.

The Online Festival + Industry + Film Market Access accreditation will be granted to the following professions only: TV buyers, commissioning editors, sales agents, distributors, festival programmers, curators, exhibitors or the like. Each request for this festival will be proofed and assigned by the discretion of DOK Leipzig Industry staff.

*With the exception of the following invitation-only events: DOK Co-Pro Market, DOK Preview Training Roundtables, DOK Preview Germany Roundtables, DOK Short n’ Sweet Networking and the DOK Exchange Prototype Presentations.

Check our website for regular updates. Full schedule to be published 12/10/2020, but we will be regularly updating our events.

How can the accreditation fee be paid?

You can pay your accreditation with credit card or Paypal. 

You will be prompted to pay immediately when you submit your form. In the case that your accreditation is not approved by the festival, we will reimburse you the whole sum immediately.

How can I cancel my accreditation?

Attendance can be cancelled until 18/10/2020 via email. Paid accreditations will be reimbursed, without any service charges. However from 19/10/2020 DOK Leipzig cannot reimburse accreditation fees. Please contact akkreditierung [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de.

Special rules

Press Accreditation Festival (without Film Market access)

Journalists covering the festival as reporting press for established media will be granted a complimentary accreditation for DOK Leipzig 2020. The festival reserves the right to vet (including request proof of journalistic reporting) and assigns free press accreditations at the discretion of DOK Leipzig staff. DOK Leipzig reserves the right to proof the journalistic work and to possibly refuse the complimentary accreditation under certain circumstances. 

All journalists may apply for a regular festival accreditation charged with the same fee of 100 € as professional visitors.

The press accreditation registration period starts on 1 August and ends on 18 October 2020. For press inquiries, please contact our presse [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de (Press Office).

Accreditation Online Festival + Industry for student groups (without Film Market access)

Every group (minimum of ten students) needs to have a coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for registering the group via email to arrange accreditations for the whole group. All groups need to be registered until 15 October 2020. Your registration email must include a list of each participant (full name and current email address). Please do not send a pdf-file. A template list can be gladly sent when requested by email. The accreditation fees must be paid via bank transfer no later than 14 days after billing. For students in student groups we can offer a reduced accreditation fee of 50 € (without Film Market access). Teachers / University staff must pay the regular accreditation price 100 €.

Attendance of group members can be cancelled until 18 October 2020. Paid accreditations will be reimbursed, without any service charges. However from 19 October 2020 DOK Leipzig cannot reimburse accreditation fees. Please contact akkreditierung [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de.

Accreditation Online Festival + Industry for single students (without Film Market access)

Please contact us via akkreditierung [at] dok-leipzig [dot] de (email) with your certificate of study attached. We will send you a discount code, which you can apply to your regular accreditation (in the checkout screen).

 These terms may be subject to change.

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