An illustration in pink and white: one hand holds a broken key, the other half of the key is in the keyhole next to it.

“THX 4 Nothing” – Exhibition DOK Neuland back at MdbK Leipzig

From 18 to 23 October DOK Neuland will expand the festival’s cinematic spectrum with innovative XR works another time. “THX 4 Nothing” will feature six VR experiences, two AR experiences, and a 360° film unfolding an immersive space for critique and vision.

The starting point of the exhibition are present-day challenges. While they can trigger a feeling of being overwhelmed on an individual level, they are still partly met with inaction at the political and institutional level. All too often, nothing changes.

This observation forms the foundation of the curatorial concept developed by Lars Rummel and Marie Hinkelmann. The work of the featured artists sheds light on different realities of life and asks what condition we want the world to be in when we hand it over to future generations.

The exhibition visitors become a human archive of the indigenous language Kusunda and subjects to a psychological experiment. In addition, the works expose the downsides of the tech industry, explore the belly of a posthuman or invite visitors to reflect about sex-positive spaces, individual desire and one’s personal sense of morality.

The scenography of the exhibition has again been created in collaboration with the artist Paula Gehrmann. Her modular installation “Display” (THX 4 Nothing, 2022) places the individual works of the group exhibition in relation to each other, creating a holistic sense of space.

During the festival week, “THX 4 Nothing” will be presented in the basement of the MdbK from Tuesday to Sunday (18 to 23 October) with free admission. The exhibition is regularly open from 11 am to 6 pm, and on Wednesday from 12 pm to 8 pm.

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