62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Animation Perspectives

Animation Perspectives: Brenda Lien_Max Colson

DOK Leipzig’s new programme format Animation Perspectives offers a platform to multi-disciplinary artists working with animation in creative, innovative and unconventional fashion. It’s about allowing them to step out of their artistic bubble and enter into dialogue. This is the place for throwing ideas around and firing off question after question. The audience can equally get involved and join the discussion directly.
Alongside the selection of films, short clips and visual material give exclusive insights into how the works were created. It’s not about stopping at the borders of cinema either, as work by these artists that doesn’t make use of moving images will equally be explored.
Brenda Lien and Max Colson get the ball rolling this year. Both are hardly strangers to Leipzig, having each already been in the festival’s Official Selection. André Eckardt, who curated the series, commented on the choice of artists: “Their works layer objectivity and exaggeration with such formal clarity that their films come across as equal parts uncomfortable and engaging, refreshing and rich in experience. Both are also linked by a certain pop charm, which is a good match for their treatment of contemporary topics.”  
Brenda Lien has been studying Art with a focus on Film and Animation at the University of Art and Design Offenbach since 2012 and also composes the music for her visual worlds herself. She received the German Short Film Award for Experimental Film in 2018 and her films have won awards at international festivals. In her “CALL OF...” trilogy, she examines different forms of internet videos, such as a YouTube make-up channel or cat videos, and asks in the process: why are these formats so popular? What does this popularity say about our culture and what effect does this phenomenon have on our society? She thus draws a line between cat videos (“CALL OF CUTENESS”) and the human tendency towards exploitation and objectification. Lien reveals how big data is being used as a weapon in grand style via an exaggerated science fiction scenario that gets under the skin both physically and mentally (“CALL OF COMFORT”).
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Max Colson, the second artist in this dialogue-based Special Programme, comes from the field of documentary photography, is now firmly anchored in animation and frequently works with 3D visualisation software as used in architecture and product development. He uses pared-down animated design to explore just how architecture, the nation or forms of living can generate identities and also throws up questions of social exclusion along the way: of discrimination and the gaps constantly produced by developments in the everyday world. In THE GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND, the glorification of England is pushed ever onwards in a 3D animation that only keeps building. Sheep and red telephone boxes are placed on to the map of the country, with the animation supplemented by user comments from the Internet: “The scenic beauty of nature makes everyone romantic”. Really, everyone?