62. Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentar- und Animationsfilm
DOK Leipzig 28 October – 3 November 2019
62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
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Kids DOK

Kids DOK

It’s time for young film fans to head to DOK Leipzig! In the scope of Kids DOK, once again this year DOK Leipzig is presenting documentary and animated film programming for children aged 3, 5, 8 or 10 years and up. In the featured animated films, illustrated characters spring into motion, planets and space ships emerge from clay and people made of fabric and buttons scurry across the screen.
The programme Anima for Kids Age 3 and over presents animated films for our smallest guests, all driven by imaginative images that get their stories across without any need for dialogue. The films here accompany tiny everyday heroes. A cat misses its beloved blue-feathered friend and proceeds to collect anything of the same colour. A tiger sets out on an adventurous search for its stripes – will it manage to find them? We can give away this much: in one of the films a secret language is spoken...but: shhh, keep it under your hat for now.
The films from Anima for Kids Age 5 and over guide viewers to fairy-tale-like worlds and take them along for a ride into outer space. In THE SORCERER’S APPRENTICE – parents will be familiar with the plot – a wizard-in-training has to cope with an unruly broom. A large wolf is constantly annoyed by a small wolf and doesn’t realise how much he actually likes him until the latter is gone (BIG WOLF & LITTLE WOLF).
The film programmes for children from the ages of 8 and 10 consist of both documentary and animated works. The protagonists of the documentary films are all children who meet the young audience on an equal footing.
The programme Mix for Kids Age 8 and over features no less than three films in which filmmakers accompany diverse children on their way to school, a route that looks totally different depending on where and how children live: the Mexican boy Jesús takes a boat to school; Rania, who makes do with her parents in a Jordanian refugee camp, passes many residential containers on her way to school; in the arid expanse of Australia, Aboriginee girl Koolee feeds a couple of horses on her way to class. WOLF PATHS on the other hand treats travel companions of an entirely different sort, as a boy suffering from asthma sets out on a completely unexpected adventure with a wolf.

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We will announce the schedule of all festival screenings with our complete film programme on 10 October.

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DEAR DARKNESS by Samuel N. Schwarz

Among other things, the programme for Kids DOK from 10 and Over features children and adolescents overcoming obstacles in their very own way. Twelve-year-old Frida is blind and loves nothing more than creating computer programmes (DEAR DARKNESS).  Meanwhile in Brazil, we meet eleven-year-old Kauan, an albino boy. Due to his unusually light skin, Kauan sticks out quite a bit in his surroundings, and also gets sunburned extremely quickly. The film SKIN COLOR explores how he copes with these issues.


But how do people even come up with ideas for films in the first place? And how do you start out with a bunch of drawings and end up with an animated film? Following the film screenings, filmmakers will be in attendance to field these and any other questions from the young audience!



 The Kids DOK programme is intended for children and their parents, kindergarten groups and school classes.



DVD Anima for Kids Vol. 3

DVD Anima for Kids Vol. 3PEARFALL by Leonid Shmelkov
Just in time for this year’s festival, the third volume of the DVD Anima for Kids will be released in October, featuring films from past editions of the festival. The DVD can be purchased at the festival’s info stands.