Animated Film
4 minutes
_without dialogue / subtitles

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

József Fülöp
Dániel Bárány
Áron Porteleki, Péter Ajtai, Szabolcs Bognár, Gergő Kováts
Judit Czakó
Dániel Bárány, András Menráth
Dániel Bárány
Lajos Érsek
“Házibuli” is Hungarian for house party. Sometimes meticulously prepared by the host – but the flat will nonetheless be in ruins afterwards. At first everyone is well-behaved, sipping from their glasses and doing small talk. Then the band starts to play: frenetic meetings of mouths, glasses and more and more guests turn into orgiastic dancing. But the morning is the time of hangovers. This diploma film from Budapest’s Moholy Nagy University celebrates the joys of transformation.

Nadja Rademacher

Nominated for mephisto 97.6 Audience Award