Neben den Gleisen

Neben den Gleisen

Documentary Film
85 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Fritz Hartthaler
Dieter Schumann
Bernhard Kübel
Michael Kockot
Bernhard Kübel
Dieter Schumann, Michael Kockot
Joao Paulo da Silva
Barbara Denz, Birgit Müller (NDR)
In “Wadans’ World” (DOK Leipzig 2010), Dieter Schuman re-measured the old frontlines of capitalism by the example of a Wismar shipyard. Workers against the invisible forces of global financial speculation. No need to mention who lost the fight. In his new film he once more addresses his protagonists’ experience of powerlessness in view of events that shatter their old view of the world. This story is set in and around a kiosk pub near Boizenburg train station in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Every day shift workers, pensioners, people on the dole and unemployed youngsters come here. Pub talk. Sometimes close to the limit. At the same time he observes the refugees who walk past the kiosk and its regulars every day.

The narrative candidly depicts the meeting of these two worlds. Stories of flight set against the stereotype of the Syrian rapist. Stories of relatives killed by the bombings set against the rumour that migrants eat children – really, it was on Facebook. Nonetheless, despite the insecurity and the vague fears of being pushed even lower on the social scale by the refugees, there are moments when empathy for the others’ fate dominates. Which offers a little hope, despite the regulars’ inclination towards right-wing solutions. And that’s the great quality of this film.

Matthias Heeder

Honorary Mention in the German Competition 2016;
Nominated for DEFA Sponsoring Prize, Goethe-Institute Documentary Film Prize