Child Mother

Child Mother

Documentary Film
90 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Yael Kipper, Ronen Zaretzky
Ronen Zaretzky, Yael Kipper
Shiran Karni, Adi Forti, Oren Rot
Ronen Zaretzky
Tor Ben Mayor
Ronen Zaretzky, Yael Kipper
Aviv Aldema, Db Studios
Esther’s, Naomi’s and Hanna’s memories are testimony to the cruelty of a both archaic and brutal tradition in human trafficking: the forced marriage of young girls to considerably older men for “Mohar” (nuptial money). The women, who come from Morocco and Yemen and are now grown old, have their say today in a dialogue with their daughters and sons who grew up in Israel. Their subjects are hushing up the age difference, repeated miscarriages and very early motherhood, being forced to work in spite of the babies at home, legendary escape attempts, self-empowerment by literacy, and always the constellation of raising kids in spite of the unfathomable trauma of having been sold by their parents. The film is most controversial when wounds meet wounds. “Did you never think about the fact that I would grow up without a father?” Avi asks, who became a half-orphan at the age of six.

With great empathy and stoicism the filmmakers manage to open an intimate space in which, of course, there is also dancing, joking and singing. And when the inexpressible manifests itself in pure emotion, there is always the women’s silence – carrying every facet of anger, shame, the longing to be dead, pride and will power.

Nadja Rademacher