Ferne Söhne

Ferne Söhne

Documentary Film
88 minutes
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Andres Rump Dokumentarfilm
Andres Rump
Andres Rump
Andres Rump
Andres Rump
Erik Wittbusch, Andres Rump, Ernst Wawra
At first glance, “Distant Sons” is a very poetic title for a film that deals with the situation of underage refugees. Or is the director trying to give us a hint about his narrative decision to not seek any superficial proximity to his protagonists but work with a certain distance instead? In other words: he establishes an independent visual level between the young people’s reports and the viewer. The film was shot in black and white, using long, precisely framed shots and almost no original sound. The refugees speak to us from off screen.

The reasons for their flight reflect the whole sad story of global asynchronicity: blood revenge, child soldiers, Taliban, civil war … While listening we see scenes from their life: Sory from Mali studies for school, Mahruf from Afghanistan works as a paperboy, Biran from Gambia huddles on his bed looking as lost as if he hadn’t even arrived yet. While we follow the various narratives told in their languages, Dari or Fula, an amazing thing happens. They all merge into a single voice that evokes the most basic of human rights: the right to build one’s own, self-determined life.

Matthias Heeder

Nominated for DEFA Sponsoring Prize, Goethe-Institute Documentary Film Prize, Young Eyes Film Award

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