Open to the Public

Open to the Public

Documentary Film
60 minutes

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Antonella Di Nocera
Silvia Bellotti
Silvia Bellotti
Silvia Bellotti
Lea Dicursi
Silvia Bellotti
Marco Saitta
Dawn in Naples, neon lamps open blinking eyes in an office, their light in the high cream-coloured old rooms waking up the registries and piles of cardboard files from which peep isolated form sheets and that indicate lengthy proceedings. The quiet yields to growing murmurs and the first sounds of discontent: a queue jumper on one of the two weekly opening days of the helpdesk for social tenants. The day is gathering momentum. The neatly dressed Signora – one of a conspicuous number of widows – and the nonchalant counsellor play their roles between snappishness and shared smiles with passion: “You don’t let us speak.” – “If I have to listen to the crap people talk, it’s better that I speak.” And the hand casually puts another sheet of paper in its proper place.

Four desks in a room whose door is open to a line of waiting people in the corridor – Silvia Bellotti’s film discretely skirts the conversations, attentively squeezes into its position on this narrow and unique stage of life. This is where the desperate, demanding, and understanding negotiate existential housing needs with the counsellors. The employees and psychologists of daily life work at the frontlines of emotion in this bustle, trying to tame the multicoloured beast of bureaucracy and find loopholes in the countless regulations for their customers.

André Eckardt

Honorable Mention Healthy Workplaces Film Award