Lord of the Toys

Lord of the Toys

Documentary Film
95 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Pablo Ben Yakov
Pablo Ben Yakov
Kat Kaufmann
André Krummel
Pablo Ben Yakov, André Krummel
Pablo Ben Yakov, André Krummel
Tobias Adam, Simon Peter
Roland Scheliga
Pour the bottle of bubbly into the melon half – and down the hatch and up on your video blog it goes. The lord of the flies 2017 attracts his followers with dissolution, gadgets, smartphones. Confident, narcissistic, 24/7 on YouTube. He shares exes with brandy and gambling bouts, things that are smart or just silly enough to laugh at: keeping them on the edge of their seats, trying to be cool. For that, this little fist of the east occasionally risks Nazi terms or cyber mobbing that escalates in real life. “At least the audience likes it. They imitate it and that’s the goal.” When everyone has gone home, text messages buzz through the red dawn sky – like a shield to protect the city from a pause in communication.

Ben Yakov and his team follow a group of Dresden YouTubers – too old for puberty, no desire to be adults. They come incredibly close as they capture the high of the permanent party around Adlersson, Inkognito Spastiko and Hector Panzer, including the hangover, and have no compunctions about occasionally leaving the stage to the boys– after all, this is about their very own profession. But the skilful narrative scratches holes in the wallpaper of the ambivalent ego shows. Fortunately they use every dramaturgical trick in the book, and pop appeal, to communicate an attitude and bring everything to a grand party finale, where stereotypes are tipped … and restaged.

André Eckardt

Awarded with a Golden Dove in the German Competition Long Film
Nominated for the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize and the ver.di prize for solidarity, humanitiy and fairness