Der Stein zum Leben

Der Stein zum Leben

Documentary Film
77 minutes

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Katinka Zeuner
Katinka Zeuner
Katinka Zeuner
Anna Pesavento
Oliver Eberhard, Birte Gerstenkorn, Martin Nevoigt, Joel Vogel
“Well, people are usually quite complex,” says Michael Spengler. He is the man people turn to when they want a tombstone that’s different. One that will reflect the deceased’s personality, the life that has passed. In her film Katinka Zeuner records three deaths and the ensuing process of finding the right stone: a young couple who have lost their child, a woman with two sons who try to form an idea of their father’s respectively grandfather’s life with Spengler, and a woman looking for the right shape for a man called “Cliewe.” Spengler becomes a kind of medium who takes in his customers’ memories and emotions to translate them into material form. The process is collaborative; the parties meet frequently over weeks and months to create something that Michael Spengler calls a “tomb sign.”

Carolin Weidner

Awarded with the ver.di Prize for solidarity, humanity and fairness
Honorable Mention Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize