Die Sinfonie der Ungewissheit

Die Sinfonie der Ungewissheit

Documentary Film
95 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Andrea Schütte, Dirk Decker (Tamtam Film), Claudia Lehmann, Konrad Hempel (Institut für experimentelle Angelegenheiten IXA)
Claudia Lehmann
Konrad Hempel
Eike Zuleeg
Marianne von Deutsch, Claudia Lehmann
Claudia Lehmann, Konrad Hempel
Corinna Zink
This is a far-reaching interrogation of something that’s usually regarded as the undoubted precondition of life (generally) and filmmaking (specifically): an objective, at best yet interpretable reality.

Starting with Gerhard Mack, retired professor of theoretical elementary particle physics at the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg, Claudia Lehmann and Konrad Hempel set out on a filmic expedition that aims for the universal and at the same time delves into the molecular (and smaller) realm, asking for the meaning of every kind of life in our complex world. Mack is a recognised master of his field and anything but a blinkered nerd. In incredibly personal conversations with the hypnosis therapist Rosemarie Dypka and the filmmaker Hark Bohm, who act the double part of common sense, the physicist acts as the gifted translator of his own theories. And then, of course – last but not least – there is the score, composed by Konrad Hempel, which it would be a simplification to call industrial music. It’s the second, pulsating ventricle of this documentary essay. Generated from the DESY soundscapes, which means auditory field research, the music enters the stage step by step to become a co-actor of equal weight, structuring the film as a symphonic piece of work.

Ralph Eue

Nominated for the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize