My Name Is Clitoris

My Name Is Clitoris

Documentary Film
78 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Isabelle Truc
Daphné Leblond, Lisa Billuart-Monet
Thibaud Lalanne
Lisa Billuart-Monet
Lydie Whisshaupt-Claudel, Daphné Leblond
Daphné Leblond, Lisa Billuart-Monet
Daphné Leblond, Pierre Dozin
Twelve young women explore an unknown continent: their body. More precisely, those parts of their body that are often shamefacedly referred to as “private parts. The protagonists speak quite naturally about the journey into their own sexuality, their emotions and (unexpected) discoveries, but also about fears and the feeling of moving into uncertain territory without assistance. Even though (or precisely because) they were all “sexually educated” at school or in the family, they had to laboriously acquire elementary knowledge about their own body themselves. Even today, the amount of available information about female anatomy and pleasure is in complete disproportion to that about male sexuality. The ignorance about the form, location and actual function of the clitoris which gives the film its title is only the tip of the iceberg that’s slowly being melted here.

The calm, trusting conversations open up a space for questions and reflections that we encounter far too rarely in our daily life, because talking about sexuality touches on taboos or because media stereotypes reinforce distorted images and wrong ideas. “My Name Is Clitoris” speaks a different language: It’s about the desire for (not just) sexual equality and the freedom to discover and satisfy one’s own pleasure.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann