Space Dogs

Space Dogs

Documentary Film
91 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter
Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter
John Gürtler, Jan Miserre
Yunus Roy Imer
Jan Soldat, Stephan Bechinger
Elsa Kremser, Levin Peter
Jonathan Schorr, Simon Peter
Laika was actually an ordinary Moscow street dog. Until she became perhaps the most famous bitch in the world when she was catapulted into space in 1957. Since then, she has been regarded as the first living creature transported purposefully into an earth orbit by humans. The fact that Laika died a few hours after the rocket was launched only became known in 2002. The legend that Laika returned to earth as a ghost that has haunted the streets of Moscow ever since is still alive today. In their beautifully edited documentary, Levin Peter and Elsa Kremser go in search of this ghost, following two street dogs on their nocturnal rambles through the Russian capital.

The best animal friends stroll through alleys, hunt cats, observe quietly how people drink away their dreary reality in bars – all this shown from the unusual perspective of two four-legged creatures. Peter and Kremser deftly capture snapshots of today’s Russia, interweaving them with idiosyncratic – so far unpublished – recordings from the Soviet space age. The magical story of a friendship between intimacy and brutality, including small and great departures into unknown spheres.

Julia Weigl