In the Name of Scheherazade oder der erste Biergarten in Teheran

In the Name of Scheherazade oder der erste Biergarten in Teheran

Documentary Film
76 minutes
Credits DOK Leipzig Logo
Nicholas Coleman (Oasysdigital)
Narges Kalhor
Yorgia Karidi
Julia Swoboda
Frank Müller
Kevin Müller
Aydin Alinejad, Narges Kalhor
Philip Hutter
Narges Kalhor
Narges Kalhor sets out with a light touch to undermine traditional ideas about the appearance and making of a documentary film. Her characters: a homosexual teenager from Syria who applies for asylum in Germany, an artist whose work is always traced back to her Afghan roots, and a sturdy female beer brewer of Iranian descent who – against all odds – wants to open a beer garden in Tehran and fights against the windmills of Iranian bureaucracy.

In a wild pastiche, the director interweaves the stories of these people with an animated tale of the fabulous Scheherazade and her own struggle for a film that foregoes any compromise with the expectations of others. She is confronted by an invisible male editor who tries again and again to make the plot “smoother”, to level out the apparently complicated elements in order to accommodate the “viewing habits” of the public. Narges Kalhor says she makes films about life and its conditions. She says nothing about the anarchic joy with which she interlaces reality and fiction in the process. There’s no need. In the end one can simply register that the experienced editor’s favourite is the story of the first beer garden in Tehran.

Luc-Carolin Ziemann

Awarded with the Goethe-Institut Documentary Film Prize.

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