Blauer Himmel Weiße Wolken

Filmstill Blue Sky White Clouds

Blue Sky White Clouds

Blauer Himmel Weiße Wolken
Astrid Menzel
German Competition 2022
Documentary Film
91 minutes

Grandma has become a little doddery. And since the death of her husband, called E.O., ever bigger gaps have opened in her memory, and her disorientation has increased. Director Astrid Menzel makes a decision: to take a ten-day canoe trip on northern German waters with her brother and the 86-year-old lady. An adventure whose outcome is uncertain and which the three travellers have to face anew at every stage.

Looking at the sky, watching the changing cloud formations, being all there. Things that Astrid Menzel’s grandmother finds easier as her dementia progresses. Horses and beds are recognisable up there, and sometimes there are thoughts of the late E.O. A chain of disintegration has been set in motion: The beloved house has become confusing, a home for grandma is being searched, the relatives feel nagging guilt. The granddaughter Astrid feels the need for action. Gently and with endless patience, she involves the elderly lady in the preparations and organisation of a canoe trip that would be a challenge for any beginner: Travelling on the river day in and day out, a different sleeping place almost every night. Old and young are trying to find strategies of interaction. Rummikub matches and writing a travel diary anchor them, but emotional breakdowns, too, are part of the endeavour.
Carolin Weidner

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Astrid Menzel
Astrid Menzel
Justin Koch
Mike Beilfuss, Urs Krüger
Astrid Menzel
André Feldhaus, Anders Wasserfall
Winner of: Young Eyes Film Award