Bless You!

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Bless You!

Tatiana Chistova
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2020
Documentary Film
30 minutes

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Tatiana Chistova
Maciek Hamela
Georg Gruber
Marina Levashova
Maciek Hamela
Tatiana Chistova
Patryk Zakrocki

Against the backdrop of Saint Petersburg’s back courtyards during the Corona lockdown, Tatyana Chistova fuses recordings of the almost empty city and calls to a municipal hotline tasked with offering help and advice, but topics range from the banal to existential questions. Elderly people in particular are affected by poverty, hunger and loneliness. Chistova highlights that in a system that neglects its weakest members, the virus is not the only threat.

Kim Busch
Redistribution and Having a Say
Rural vs. Urban
State of the World
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