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Alfonso Amador
International Competition 2020
Documentary Film
111 minutes

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Alfonso Amador
Xavier Crespo
Alfonso Amador
Alfonso Amador
Alfonso Amador
Sergi Dies
Jorge Salvà
José Serrador
Carles Dènia
Pep Gimeno
Miquel Gil

The Huerta Valenciana is a unique cultural landscape of fields and plantations. For generations this region, mainly planted with perennially rotating crops of tigernuts, artichokes and onions, was regarded as the vegetable garden of Spain. “Camagroga” is a filmic elegy about peasant pride and how it is inscribed in the physiognomies, gestures and postures of the people behind these agricultural products.

Tardor, as autumn is called in the Valencian regional language, is the season when the tigernut straw is burned on the fields to make the winter harvest of the nut-sized bulbs easier. Antonio Ramon and his daughter Inma run a farm of just under four hectares north of Valencia – hardly a profitable size nowadays. And yet they apply a surfeit of care and traditional knowledge to their products, seemingly following the impulses of their vegetative nerve system rather than a deliberate programme. Ever since their fields were also identified as prime real estate in the development plan of the expanding provincial capital, however, they have known that the battle zone has already reached their barn door.
Ralph Eue
Nominated for Prize of the Interreligious Jury, FIPRESCI Prize
Natur in Bearbeitung
Rural vs. Urban
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