Control Negative

Filmstill Control Negative

Control Negative

Control Negative
Monika Masłoń
Extended Reality
30 minutes
World premiere

The Western culture of self-optimisation is based on the idea that one can control all aspects of life. This VR experience subjects us to a psychological experiment, confronting us with feelings such as frustration, helplessness, stress, rage and grief to show: Control is an illusion. Step by step, we are led from physical activation to contemplative perception.

Lars Rummel

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Monika Masłoń
Krzysztof Franek
Krzysztof Pijarski
Agnieszka Sural
Tomasz Filiks
Pola Borkiewicz
Jacek Nagłowski
The Polish National Film School in Łódź – vnLab
Marcin Puchalski
Adam Kosiewicz
Marcin Puchalski
Kajetan Zakrzewski
Monika Masłoń
Rafał Kotas
Karolina Rec
Julia Kolberger
Włodzimierz Press
Richard Bialy

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