A Crab in the Pool

Filmstill A Crab in the Pool

A Crab in the Pool

Un trou dans la poitrine
Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel
International Competition Animated Film 2023
Animated Film
11 minutes

The teenager Zoe and her little brother Theo spend a day at the public swimming pool. Theo loses himself in his childish fantasies. The visitors of the pool look like characters from Greek mythology to him. Zoe, less than pleased at having to watch her little brother, hides in the changing room. She has problems of her own because she is struggling with the changes in her youthful body. She looks at her breasts in the mirror, which the tight bathing suit does nothing to disguise. The horror that this change provokes in her manifests in a terrible panic attack.

Theo’s flight to the realm of mythical creatures and Zoe’s anxiety attack are both caused by a shared traumatic experience. The two find a way to overcome past experiences – even without their mother’s support. Ingenious transitions, cleverly constructed details and, not least, great empathy for the siblings’ communicating inner and outer worlds make this film a convincing double portrait.

Franka Sachse

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Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel
Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel
Jean-Sébastien Hamel
Jean-Sébastien Hamel, Alexandra Myotte
François Lacasse
Alexandra Myotte
World Sales
Pierre Brouillette-Hamelin
Nominated for: mephisto 97.6 Audience Award