Der Weg, den wir nicht zusammen gehen

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The Road We Don’t Walk Together

Der Weg, den wir nicht zusammen gehen
Dominik Graf
Retrospective 2021
Documentary Film
13 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Dominik Graf
Dirk Wilutzky
Tom Tykwer
Dominik Graf
Martin Gressmann
Katja Dringenberg
Andreas Mücke-Niesytka

The project “Germany 09” brought the upper league of German auteur filmmakers together to take stock of the Berlin Republic in individual film contributions. Dominik Graf contributed to this collage of the German image a reflection about post-1945 urban architecture shot on old Super8 stock: provisional, slipshod ensembles of pretty-ugly public buildings, fenced-in urban wasteland, draughty storefronts and uninhabited housing blocks in Munich, Duisburg, Frankfurt am Main, West Berlin, all of them testimonies to an unplanned through traffic for social and migrant milieus. A thorn in the side of the reunited mania for cleaning up, renovating and decorating.

Sylvia Görke