Die Brücke von Caputh

Filmstill The Bridge of Caputh

The Bridge of Caputh

Die Brücke von Caputh
Eva Fritzsche
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
Germany (Soviet Occupation Zone)
15 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Eva Fritzsche
DEFA-Studio für populärwissenschaftliche Filme
Eva Fritzsche
Arndt von Rautenfeld
Götz Neumann
Anneliese Schlüter
Eberhard Schmidt
Fritz Steinmann

Workers reconstruct a railway bridge and Eva Fritzsche reconstructs the process behind it – by re-enacting what she couldn’t film, supported by the participants, who re-play themselves. The film sings the praises especially of those whose commitment was held in low esteem: young people who even give up playing football, and women who suddenly find themselves working in the factory. “Women as blacksmiths, what a joke!” a job centre employee sneers. This echoes what Eva Fritzsche herself had to listen to at DEFA: “Women don’t make films!” Yes, she did – and created one of the most impressive testimonies of the years of reconstruction.

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