Es muß ein Stück vom Hitler sein

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That Must Be a Piece of Hitler

Es muß ein Stück vom Hitler sein
Walter Krüttner
Retrospective 2021
Documentary Film
11 minutes

Walter Krüttner is considered the only satirist among the signatories of the Oberhausen Manifesto, which was announced at the West German Short Film Festival in 1962. His film begins like those that the Oberhausen group wanted to put a stop to: with ländler music and a quote by regional poet Ganghofer. “Lord, the ones you love you let fall into this land.” Krüttner observes the tourist hustle and bustle at Obersalzberg: tour guides leading Führer travellers through the Nazi buildings. And Krüttner counts the profits West German authorities make by this. He himself profited by winning the “Silberne Lorbeer” (Silver Laurel) of Deutscher Fernsehfunk (German Television Broadcasting), awarded at the International Leipzig Documentary and Short Film Week 1963.

Sylvia Görke

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Walter Krüttner
Walter Krüttner
Fritz Schwennicke
Erich Ferstl