Fluid Life

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Fluid Life

Život na vodě
Zora Čápová
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2021
Documentary Film
Czech Republic
6 minutes

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Zora Čápová
Ondřej Šejnoha
Tomáš Šťastný
Ondřej Nuslauer
Jáchym Vanc
Daniel Habart
Anna Petruželová

Everything splashes in this poetic portrait sketch: the rain on the roof, the dog in the puddle, the grandchildren in the kiddie pool and the protagonist in the river Vltava. A middle-aged woman has lovingly converted a freighter into a house boat. The film captures her daily life in impressionistic, analogue aesthetics, from morning coffee in her bathrobe to the last cigarette on deck at dusk. She seems to have fulfilled a wish – a life by and in the river.

Jan-Philipp Kohlmann
Small Worlds, Big People
Family Ties