Frauen in Neuruppin

Filmstill Women in Neuruppin

Women in Neuruppin

Frauen in Neuruppin
Karola Hattop
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
29 minutes

Karola Hattop juxtaposes the many media images of confident working women and the men who support them with a naïve reporter who finds out that in practice equal rights are often quite a different matter. Somewhat pushy, he seeks out women at the hairdresser’s and in the maternity wear department, joins functionaries in their cars, crashes wedding parties and sneaks into museum tours for children. A revelatory curiosity full of the casually captured mundane drabness that was often revealed more clearly in student films than in comparable DEFA productions.

Felix Mende

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Karola Hattop
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen der DDR
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