The Gray Shrimp Report

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The Gray Shrimp Report

Le constat de la crevette grise
Rémi Murez
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film
Documentary Film
21 minutes
World premiere

Barely a kilometre off the Belgian coast, 35,000 tons of chemical munitions are buried at the bottom of the sea. The scraps of yesterday’s wars are secreting toxic gases today and the film explores the effects this will have – from fishing boats to delicatessen counters. An ominous droning lies over the impressive images of already dubious production processes. The shrimp end up in fish cakes. The seagulls lament the calamity. The people are at a loss.

Sarina Lacaf

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Rémi Murez
Sébastien Andres
Basile Krämer
Eliott Puttemans
Augustin Izoard
Dorian Colin

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