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Andreas Voigt
German Competition 2020
Documentary Film
100 minutes

The river Oder: A historical and cultural landscape churned again and again by the tide of events of the past century. A tale told in concentric circles about a region which was and still is the scene of the beginning, end and open middle of voluntary and involuntary migrations. Virulent issues of daily life and politics that, asked with confident casualness, provide a robust account of the present.

Movements and stories in the border region between Poland and Germany – Andreas Voigt’s new film takes up the themes of his 1992 work “Borderland – A Journey”. The charged term “homeland” stirs up (trouble in) the minds and hearts of the people: What it once was and what has become of it! Sure, that’s not the top priority in their daily agenda. But how people appropriate this term and how that in turn structures their attitudes also determines how they figure out the taste of life in the here and now of Europe. The search for closeness is confronted with the insistence on distance. Communication about belonging becomes flimsy because the body language says something different than the spoken word. As a film that’s not about administering a politically correct separation diet, “Borderland” provokes experiences and enables encounters.
Ralph Eue

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Andreas Voigt
Barbara Etz
Kazimierz Beer
Klaus Schmutzer
MDR Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk
RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
Thomas Beyer
Rolf Bergmann
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
PISF, Poland Polish-German Film Fonds
Filmbüro MV
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH
Marcus Lenz
Maurice Wilkerling
Ina Tangermann
Gerhard Ziegler
Peter Carstens
Cine Chromatix
Regional (Heeme)
Rural vs. Urban
Small Worlds, Big People
Zustand der Welt
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