Hilfe, ich bin eine Frau!

Filmstill Hilfe, ich bin eine Frau

Help, I’m a Woman!

Hilfe, ich bin eine Frau!
Edith Schneider, Joachim Schneider
Matinee Sächsisches Staatsarchiv 2022
Fictional Film
10 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Edith Schneider
Joachim Schneider
Betriebsfilmstudio Filmstudio VEB Bohrungen und Schachtbau Welzow

A creative and skilful montage as well as dramatically spot-on sound and music effects are combined in a snappy plot to offer a mordant commentary on the constitutionally enshrined equality of men and women in the GDR. The film was awarded a medal at the 1982 congress of UNICA, the Union Internationale du Cinéma, in Aachen.

Konstantin Wiesinger
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Gender Norms