Hinter den Fenstern

Filmstill Behind Windows

Behind Windows

Hinter den Fenstern
Petra Tschörtner
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
43 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Petra Tschörtner
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen der DDR
Petra Tschörtner
Fritz-Martin Barber
Peter Ziesche

It’s only after the separation from her husband that another man tells her how valuable she is: the Chladek family, she’s a teacher, he’s a student. The first few years were nothing but quarrels: the Surau family, he’s a plumber, she’s a postal worker. Should she really intend to get further education at evening school, he won’t accept this: the Lehmann family, he’s a locksmith, she’s a lecturer. Three thirtysomething couples live in the Potsdam high-rise behind whose windows Petra Tschörtner looked for her graduation film. Long interviews that pierce the surface at once, equally revealing and oppressive. Promptly awarded a prize at the West German Short Film Festival in Oberhausen.

Carolin Weidner
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