Ich war einmal ein Kind

Filmstill Once I Was a Child

Once I Was a Child

Ich war einmal ein Kind
Tamara Trampe
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
17 minutes

The interviews conducted by Tamara Trampe in a Pankow kindergarten testify to a rare attempt to enter the world of the young interviewees completely, to give their stories a space where reality and fantasy, worries and wishes can mix freely. A space that’s not always provided in the daily life of the kindergarten, as the film casually suggests even after it was toned down by the DEFA censors: toilets without doors, ghastly birthday parties and friendly but unmistakable reprimands when the children let too much dialect slip into the grammar exercise or when their pictures of soldiers are not realistic enough.

Felix Mende

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Tamara Trampe
DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme
Tamara Trampe
Thomas Plenert
Peter Dienst
Eberhard Pfaff
Annerose Richter
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