Kinder kriegen?

Filmstill Having Babies?

Having Babies?

Kinder kriegen?
Sibylle Schönemann
Retrospective 2022
Documentary Film
18 minutes

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Sibylle Schönemann
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen der DDR
Klemens Peisker
Silvia Roeser
Andreas Walter

Sibylle Schönemann’s film about abortion lets young and older women speak; women who were forced to abort by their partners or who chose to carry the baby to term despite predicted difficulties. Assembled as a kind of collage, a round table alternates with stylised passages, while the camera also shows moments in a clinic right before and after the procedure. The attitude vacillates between drama and affirmation of life. Liberal perspectives, with one exception, are left out. Schönemann, together with Tamara Trampe, almost managed to take up the complex issue in a feature film.

Felix Mende
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