König hört auf

Filmstill Pastor Lothar Stops

Pastor Lothar Stops

König hört auf
Tilman König
German Competition 2022
Documentary Film
85 minutes

Lothar König is an original. The long-term youth pastor from Jena doesn’t fit into any system. In the GDR he was under state surveillance, after reunification he was one of the most tireless warning voices against the growing right-wing radicalism. To this day, he takes to the barricades against the extreme right, often on the frontline. Nevertheless, this film portrait by his son Tilman is not an homage but a critical tribute to an outspoken character forced by retirement to re-invent himself.

Pastor König is not only regarded as one of the figureheads of the left-wing scene that organises punk concerts, rallies and football tournaments with young refugees. He also has a reputation as a fairly challenging personality. Tilman König shows his father only marginally in his role as a church official. Most of all, he introduces a man who can be courageous and determined, but also stubborn and unfair. His film is enjoyably interested above all in the here and now of this man, the things that Lothar still has to come to terms with. How will he manage the transition to retirement after a restless life between community work and political activism? How can the old rhetorical warhorse hold his own among people who really agree with him but seem to move away from him in thought, speech and action? The border-crosser is entering unknown terrain.
Luc-Carolin Ziemann

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Tilman König
Tilman König
Denise Lipfert, Tilman König
Dietmar Güntsche, Martin Rohé
MDR, Tilman König
Frank Schubert
Sound Design
Frank Schubert
Christian Walter
World Sales
Nadine Trapp
Commissioning Editor
Thomas Beyer
Winner of: Film Prize Leipziger Ring, ver.di Prize for Solidarity, Humanity and Fairness