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Mária Júdová
Extended Reality
23 minutes
without dialogue
German premiere

Inspired by ritual practices from different cultures, the VR experience addresses the loss of a sense of community and empathy, combining modern dance and VR technology to re-examine old rites and reveal their meaningful potential for future societies. The title of the work refers to what legend has it is an “enlightening” potion from ancient Greece.

Lars Rummel

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Extended Reality: DOK Neuland. Chaos Is a Condition

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Mária Júdová
Mara Nedelcu
Motion Bank (Hochschule Mainz)
Sensorium Festival
Taneli Törmä
Milena Wiese
Finn Lakeberg
Bojana Mitrović
Amber Pansters
Florian Friedrich (Narranoid)
Alexandra Timpau
Constantine Nisidis
Mária Júdová
Marko Júda
Mária Júdová
Zachary Chant

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Mária Júdová

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