Love, Dad

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Love, Dad

Love, Dad
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Competition for the Audience Award Short Film 2021
Animated Film
Czech Republic,
13 minutes

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Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Karolína Davidová
Jakub Viktorín
Tomáš Šimon
Luce Grosjean
Viera Marinová
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Vojtěch Domlátil
Viera Marinová
David Štumpf
Lukáš Janičík
Matěj Piňos
Kryštof Melka
Barbora Halířová
Diana Cam Van Nguyen
Lukáš Janičík

After a long time, a young woman once again holds letters in her hand that her father wrote her fifteen years ago when he was in prison. His words are full of love and affection: Never again were they to be that close, the daughter sums up today. What happened? This is what she tries to answer in a letter to him, writing down what couldn’t be said until now. The complex relationship between father and daughter in the form of a fragmentary animation.

Lina Dinkla
Winner of Silver Dove (Competition for the Audience Award Short Film)
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