Maxim der Größte

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Maxim der Größte

Maxim der Größte
Katja Fedulova
Kids DOK 2021
Documentary Film
25 minutes
German Voiceover

Credits DOK Leipzig Logo

Katja Fedulova
Heike Kunze
Tatjana Willms
Beate Andorff
Katja Fedulova
Sergei Amirdzhanov
Elena Petrosyan

Maxim lives in St. Petersburg with his mother and sister. Like many other kids, he just loves skating. There’s one difference, though: Maxim has lost both his legs in an accident and lives his everyday life on a skateboard, too. One day he would like to take part in the Paralympics. When his coach has a surprise for him, he is uncertain whether it can be done without legs.

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